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49ers win big over the Seahawks 27-7, but lose Lance for the season

A frustrating day for the Niners

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The 49ers' win comes with a giant asterisk. The first quarter looked as though the offense would hum right along before Trey Lance suffered what appeared to be a broken ankle. Emotions were flying high, and everyone wanted to point the finger at Kyle Shanahan for running his quarterback up the middle too much.

We're always quick to point to the examples that work, but that doesn't make the decision correct. Those hits in the interior of the defense add up, and with those piles, bad things tend to happen. Unfortunately, it was the worst-case scenario for Lance.

The show had to go on, and we knew the Niners would beat a hopeless Seattle squad. But it was tough not to feel bad for Lance no matter what happened next.

Jimmy Garoppolo came in and led the offense to a touchdown on two of the following four drives. The offense seemed as though it was hitting on all cylinders until the second half. A seven-minute drive ended in no points after Kyle Shanahan elected to kick a field goal from the two-yard line. That seemed like the only way the Seahawks had a chance, and it ended up that way.

DeMeco Ryans couldn't have put together a better game script. On eight drives before the two-minute warning, Seattle turned the ball over three times and forced five punts. But, in the most literal sense, the defense couldn't play better.

Garoppolo's QB sneak in the fourth quarter gave the team a 27-7 lead. Jimmy Garoppolo earned a $350,000 bonus for playing and winning this game for the 49ers. He stands to make $350k per win, as long he's healthy, and the 49ers keep winning.

The team dominated outside of the blocked field goal. Seattle looked outclassed. Denver struggled with the Texans, while the Rams allowed 25 points to the Falcons. The 49ers have a great chance to get back on track, despite losing Lance.