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Golden Nuggets: Trey/Jimmy tell us it’s only awkward if we make it awkward

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Friday, September 2, 2022

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Hutchinson: Lance, Garoppolo insist no awkwardness, explain offseason timeline after role reversal

“Kyle Shanahan put them in what could have been an awkward position last season, and is making it far more awkward this year. He’s stated time and time again that this is Lance’s team now to make sure there are no questions.”

Transcripts: 49ers QBs Trey Lance, Jimmy Garoppolo speak after Thursday’s practice

“San Francisco 49ers backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo spoke with reporters on Thursday, his first media availability with the team since last season’s playoffs. Starting quarterback Trey Lance also spoke. Here is everything they had to say.”

Kawakami: Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo’s chummy QB combo has a chance to work because it already has (paywall)

“For the 20 minutes of practice that I witnessed before the media was escorted off the field, it sure seemed routine. Lance and Garoppolo going through drills together? They did it hundreds of times last year. Garoppolo flipping medium-range passes on the money? 10,000 times. Lance chatting with Garoppolo after a throw, asking him what he saw? They might do this 100,000 times this year.’

Kyle Shanahan talks Jordan Mason, 49ers RBs, Javon Kinlaw, Drake Jackson

“Last year, we were down to our third running back in Week 2. Actually, in Week 2, we were putting a running back in the game who I was calling him by [his] number, and so was Jimmy [Garoppolo] because we didn’t know his name yet. So we were asking the number of the back if he knew how to run power while he was in the huddle during a timeout...I’m a little scarred from that stuff, so it’s really hard for us to lose guys that have first- and second-down running ability.

Offensive line, secondary two potential caveats to San Francisco 49ers’ Super Bowl aspirations

“But with preseason and training camp behind them, the 49ers are still facing significant questions, ones that go beyond injuries and quarterback play.”

Lombardi: The Jimmy Garoppolo-Trey Lance pairing returned to 49ers practice — with a twist (paywall)

“Kyle and I, we pulled 15 players from our team — our leadership committee,” Lynch said. “We told them, ‘Here’s what we’re doing, here’s why we’re doing it.’ We wanted to let the guys know that it was our belief in this team, in those guys in the room. And we know we’ve created a culture and we’ve got the men that can handle a situation like this. While the rest of the world may think it’s uncomfortable — that we’re not supporting our lead guy — we don’t believe in that. We believe in this team and we think it makes us better.

Branch: 49ers’ John Lynch: Trey Sermon’s fate was sealed by Jordan Mason’s strong camp (paywall)

“The bottom line, J.P. Mason just played too well,” Lynch said. “And we felt like he made our team better … We got this kid out of Georgia Tech as a backup. And we couldn’t deny at the end of the day that he hadn’t earned a spot on the roster.”

Jimmy G determined 49ers were best fit after ‘weird’ trade limbo

“I don’t know. Things just kept falling into place. I’m one of those people that, you know, I don’t want to ruffle feathers too much here and there. I want to go with the flow and that’s kind of the way training camp was going, and I was happy with it. Things worked out. I’m happy now.”

Branch: 49ers’ John Lynch explains Brock Purdy’s allure, suggests extensions forthcoming (paywall)

“Brock came in and, just from Day 1, showed a grasp for our offense,” Lynch said. “It wasn’t too big. I think his experience — this is a guy who played a lot of football. Just command. And presence. He steps in that huddle and it’s his huddle. Not afraid to throw into small windows. There’s just a lot to like. He just earned that spot.”

Why 49ers kept Mason over Sermon, claimed Hance off waivers

The 49ers had intelligence that if Mason were not protected on the team’s 53-man roster, he would have quickly ended up with another organization.

PFF: 49ers have ‘cautious optimism’ about Trey Lance, but NFL scout sees keeping Jimmy Garoppolo as a ‘bad sign’

“One AFC scout isn’t buying the 49ers’ trust in Lance and believed San Francisco’s decision to retain Garoppolo rather than outright releasing him was a ‘bad sign’ for the North Dakota State product,” wrote Kyed.

Charvarius Ward, Talanoa Hufanga, Brock Purdy among several 49ers changing jersey numbers

“No. 7, Cornerback Charvarius Ward.”