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Kyle Shanahan: There’s no ‘store where you can just go get quarterbacks’ at any time

He also admitted they’re going to have to add another QB soon

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If 49ers fans had to drink every time they had to worry about who the backup quarterback was going to be for their team, we’d all have died of alcohol poisoning about four years ago. Yet despite drafting Trey Lance in 2021 and keeping Jimmy Garoppolo around as the backup in 2022, we once again have to worry about who takes over if the starter gets injured. If that happens again, it’s Mr. Irrelevant Brock Purdy.

Kyle Shanahan was asked yesterday if he has full confidence in Purdy if Brock ever had to start a significant amount of games for the team.

“Yeah, that’s why we chose him as our number two going into the year. And I feel great about Brock regardless, but there’s not just like a store where you just go get quarterbacks at any time. Same thing with running backs. It’s like every other position guys, when guys get hurt it’s who’s on your roster and who’s on your practice squad and we had three quarterbacks on our roster fortunately. So that’s why I’m very glad that we didn’t risk Brock and lose him because that’d be a huge problem right now. That’s stuff that we had to do with backs so we could do it with the quarterback and that’s the position that you end up getting in.

It’s close to happening with us at tight end. So, now we’re here at quarterback and we’ll see what’s out there. We definitely need to get a guy in here for practice squad because we do need a third man up in case something happens because he’s one play away from being the backup and he’s two plays away from being our starter. So, you have to plan that at every position and quarterback, obviously, being the most important.”

So the QB store doesn’t exist, but the team is going to have to visit it soon because a third quarterback is needed post haste.

The question on its face isn’t likely to elicit an honest answer from any coach. No team has a ton of confidence in their third quarterback. That’s why they’re the third quarterback. But there’s also no way Kyle Shanahan can say that because it would look like a slight to the now-backup Purdy.

Don’t spend too much time worrying about ol’Brock. If he has to play for an extended stretch this year, the season has officially gone off the rails, and we’ll have much bigger problems.

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