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Golden Nuggets: Deja Vu-esday for 49ers fans

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Tuesday, September 20, 2022

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San Francisco 49ers QB Trey Lance has season-ending surgery to repair two injuries to ankle

“The procedure took place Monday morning at Stanford Hospital and, according to a statement from the team, repaired two injuries to Lance’s ankle: “a fibula fracture and ligament disruption.””

Kawakami: Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance again in ’23? Brock Purdy or Kirk Cousins in ’24? A 49ers QB reality check (paywall)

“The 49ers felt they had to take the big swing, both in the trade and in the eventual choice of Lance (instead of sitting at 12 and hoping a QB they liked got to them or taking Jones at 3). I agreed with them. They believed they weren’t likely to get a chance like this any time soon, they felt they had the kind of roster that could protect a young QB, and they hoped that Lance would improve every game and turn into a dangerous weapon by the postseason. Maybe not all of that was accurate, but it was worth the shot.”

49ers’ beat-up backfield will be without Ty Davis-Price (paywall)

“So who will carry the ball when the 49ers visit Denver on Sunday? Jeff Wilson will start and likely will be backed up by Jordan Mason and Marlon Mack. Mason, an undrafted rookie, has played only on special teams in the first two games. Mack, 26, a six-year veteran, was signed to the practice squad last week.”

Pelissero: Lance’s ankle injury not a compound fracture like Dak Prescott’s, still season-ending

“To understand the severity and rarity of the compound fracture for quarterbacks in the NFL, there have only been three players that have suffered the injury: Dak Prescott, Alex Smith, and Joe Theismann.”

Trey Lance out, Jimmy Garoppolo in: The state of the San Francisco 49ers’ quarterbacks

“And though Garoppolo has a no-trade clause, there’s zero chance he will be dealt now. The other notable addition to Garoppolo’s contract was a no-tag clause, which means he can become an unrestricted free agent after the season and the Niners can’t prevent him from testing the market...That could turn out to be more meaningful than anyone imagined when the deal was announced.”

49ers show faith in Tyrion Davis-Price; Aaron Banks throws weight around (paywall)

“He also allowed just one quarterback pressure after allowing two against the Bears. A major theme entering the season was how quickly offensive line coach Chris Foerster could get his two inexperienced guards, Banks and Burford, up to speed this season. Burford was the team’s highest-graded offensive lineman in Week 1; Banks had that honor in Week 2.”

Who were PFF’s highest- and lowest-graded 49ers players vs. Seahawks? Plus snap counts

“[Highest rated on offense]:
Aaron Banks, LG, 77.7, 76 snaps
Deebo Samuel, WR, 73.3, 59 snaps
Trent Williams, LT, 73.3, 76 snaps”

Maiocco: What we can learn from Jimmy G’s 2018 injury as Lance recovers

“The point: It is way too early to pretend we have Lance’s career trajectory figured out.”

Branch: What could Trey Lance’s broken ankle mean for the 49ers’ future at QB? (paywall)

“It’s logical to assume the 49ers’ season will be sunk if Purdy is forced to play extensively. But this is the 49ers’ QB situation: Given the twists and turns over the past 18 months, starting when they traded up to select Lance, good luck forecasting what will happen next.”

Trey Lance won’t be away from 49ers for long after ankle surgery

“I’m sure he is going to be around here all the time and do his rehab here and we haven’t even discussed that, but I’d be shocked if it wasn’t that case,” Shanahan said. “So, right now, he got out of surgery a little bit ago. I know we’re all just kind of worried about him and making sure that he’s doing all right mentally and physically. We’ll talk to him here real soon. I know some guys have been over there to already visit him, but yeah, we’re not sure yet, but as soon as he can get back in here and start rehabbing we’re going to want him to be a part of everything. Every meeting he can be at, every practice he can be at. I know he’s not going to be able to do all of that, because of how much he’s going to have to rehab, but especially in those meetings, we don’t plan on Trey being away from us at all. Whenever he is not taking care of his ankle, we plan on him being with us.”

49ers Super Bowl odds increase following Lance injury

“Before Sunday’s 27-7 win over the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco’s odds to win the Super Bowl were +2000 via PointsBet. After Sunday’s win, they are now set at +1800, tied for seventh best in the NFL.”