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Poll: Would beating Russell Wilson feel better than beating the Seahawks?

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Players will tell you that all games are the same. For fans, there’s nothing better than getting a victory over your bitter rival. Last week Trey Lance’s injury took some of the sweetness out of stomping the Seahawks for just the third time since 2014. This week, their old nemesis Russell Wilson is on the docket. Putting aside Lance’s injury for a moment, what would be more enjoyable for you: beating Pete Carroll and Seattle, or beating Russell Wilson?

Russell Wilson has been an incredible quarterback in his career, both from a win-loss perspective and in terms of incredible plays on the field. Only the New England Patriots won games at a better clip than Russell Wilson did in his time with Seattle, and we can all remember the heart-wrenching individual plays Mr. Unlimited has made over the years against the 49ers.

But there’s also something about him that just annoys the hell out of you. Take this, for example:

Yell run or pass? Does he think this is Pop Warner football? I think Joe Staley put it best during his appearance on KNBR on Monday:

“I hate Russ...We were talking about it last week, is it still a rivalry with the Seattle Seahawks? I’m like, ‘I don’t know, no?’ I feel like it’s more of a rivalry with the Broncos just because I don’t like Russ. I’d be more passionate and fired up when the Niners go out there on Sunday Night Football and dominate the Broncos. And Russ has a hundred yards passing on 10 of 32 throwing and Nick [Bosa] has six sacks, just dominating the game. I’ll be fired up for that.”

On the other hand, Seattle has been the source of some of our biggest defeats. There was the 42-13 game in 2012, 29-3 in 2013, and of course, the NFC Championship Game later that year. That Legion of Boom defense generally kicked the tar out of the 49ers, and Russ didn’t have anything to do with that.

So, vote in our poll and leave a comment below.


Would beating Russell Wilson feel better than beating the Seahawks?

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