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49ers in Five: Broncos brace for ferocious defense

“They make you have to be perfect every single play”

Everything you need to know about the 49ers in around five minutes

The night before opposing coaches play the 49ers, the thing keeps them awake in their beds isn’t Jimmy Garoppolo, Trey Lance, or even Kyle Shanahan’s scheme. The thing that steals shut-eye from even the most sleep-deprived coaches is the defense. Just listen to how Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett described that side of the ball yesterday.

“Their front seven is dynamic. The whole group is very, very good. They’re very sound, they’re a penetrating front. They’re dynamic. When you’ve got so many good, electric players on a front, it’s always going to cause issues. They’re playing at a very high level. They’ve been in that system now for quite a while so they’re comfortable. They know it.

You take 54, he’s spectacular. He’s such a good player. He’s someone that you always have to be aware of, but you also have to be aware of a bunch of other guys, too.

They’re very simple, but they’re very effective. They understand all the different route concepts they can get. They understand the runs they can get, and they are able to play fast. I think they continually show that and they make you have to be perfect on every single play.”

Opposing coaches typically lay on the puffery during conference calls with the opponent’s press corps, but in this case it’s all true.

Yes the sample size may be small, but it is all the data we have to go on right now. We thought going into the season that DeMeco Ryans’ defense was going to be legit, and it has been. Last week the Niners pressured Seattle 18 times on 33 dropbacks. On the season, the 49ers’ four man rush has generated a pressure rate of 45% - best in the league thus far. That is complete and utter dominance.

While Russell Wilson may always haunt the dreams of the Faithful, perhaps on Sunday Nick Bosa and company can finally return the favor.

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