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Jimmy Garoppolo ranks 23rd in QB power rankings heading into Week 3

They’re not sold on Jimmy’s pocket presence or creativity

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo came in cold off the bench in Week 2 and led the 49ers to a 54% success rate, with 46% of Jimmy's throws going for a first down. That's ideal. The hope is that now Garoppolo is the starter and will take all of the reps during the week, and the 49ers' offense will excel under the veteran.

The Ringer's Steven Ruiz updates the quarterbacks around the NFL weekly. They rank everything from accuracy to arm talent. And while Garoppolo's EPA per play and success rate rank near the top, his completion percentage over expectation ranks 23rd. Here's Ruiz's breakdown of Jimmy:


You always know what you’re going to get from Jimmy G. In some ways, that’s a good thing—if a coach wants to run a play-action-heavy offense that requires the quarterback to make brave throws over the middle of the field, Garoppolo is the man for the job. But just know: Jimmy will throw that pass whether there’s a defender in the way or not, and that can be a problem. (If only an “are you sure you want to make this throw?” message popped up in front of him before every throw!)

Garoppolo has a more-than-capable arm and a lightning-quick release. That combination makes him awfully useful to a coach like Kyle Shanahan, who doesn’t need a brain surgeon at quarterback to score points. Clearly, though, Shanahan wanted more than a paint-by-numbers passer—that’s why the Niners gave up all those picks to draft Trey Lance—and Garoppolo just doesn’t have the play-making gene.


Garoppolo won’t make plays like Mahomes or Allen, but when the pocket is clean and the receiver is open, nobody throws a prettier ball. Even his mechanics are handsome.


If Garoppolo played football while sitting in a chair in the pocket, I’m not sure his game would change at all.

The line about Garoppolo lacking a playmaking gene is why the 49ers moved on. This is the most talented group of weapons Jimmy has had in his Niner tenure. This would be the season if there was ever a time for him to prove he was a playmaker.

Garoppolo ranks 23rd in the QB ranking, behind Tua, Tannehill, Mac Jones, Marcus Mariota, and Geno Smith. Here's a look at his attributes:


Accuracy - 76

Arm Talent - 84

Creativity - 64

Decision-Making - 74

Pocket Presence - 68

Pre-snap - 65

In the video above, I highlighted some of the issues Garoppolo had in the pocket last week. Before halftime, it looked like he was playing pick-up ball where nobody runs plays, and you go out there and hoop. After halftime, Jimmy looked like a player who was forced to play within the structure of the offense again, and that hurt his production.

Garoppolo looked comfortable and confident, attacking all areas of the field early on. For this team to reach its ceiling, he'll need to do that for four quarters and not two. We know teams will sell out to stop the 49ers' running game, but that opens up throwing lanes in turn.

Between the ranking or attributes, which one do you disagree with the most?