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49ers vs. Broncos 4th quarter thread: One touchdown is all we ask

That should put the game out of reach

San Francisco 49ers v Denver Broncos Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

The 49ers' offense left a lot to be desired heading into the second half. That didn’t change in the third quarter after Jimmy Garoppolo fumbled the snap at midfield and then stepped out of the back of the end zone on the ensuing drive. Sandwiched in between were two punts by the Broncos.

A 7-3 game that felt as one-sided as possible turned into 7-5. The defense gave up a couple of first downs on the next drive but was bailed out by an errant throw by Russell Wilson on third down, and a Brandon McManus 53-yard miss kept the score at 7-5.

A Jaylon Moore sack and a Jimmy G. one-hop throw to Brandon Aiyuk forced a punt that backed Denver inside their 10-yard line. The defense nearly forced two turnovers, but fumble luck was on the Broncos' side.

San Francisco has the ball to begin the quarter in Denver’s territory. Points, please.