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Jimmy Garoppolo: I need to get in game shape

“I’ve just got to get back to where I was.”

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Last week, Jimmy said coming into the game was, “just like riding a bike.” This week? Well, it’s a good thing he was wearing that helmet because he crashed and burned.

You know the details by now. The missed blown coverage on Deebo Samuel. The fumbled snap. The interception over the middle into double coverage. One third down converted, and not until the second to last drive. And oh yeah, this play, which will live forever thanks to a fantastic call on KNBR by Greg Papa and Tim Ryan.

Catastrophe is right. Complete and utter catastrophe. Afterwards, did Jimmy Garoppolo accept responsibility for the play?

“I was just running the play,” he said, “Trying to buy some time for it. Longer developing play. Just a tough situation, though, that whole thing.”

Once again, Jimmy G. deflects. Yeah six with the 49ers and he still has yet to take responsibility for his poor performances. All week Garoppolo talked about freedom and how he wanted more of it in the offense. Apparently that meant freedom from those pesky field dimensions. Here’s more from Jimmy.

“You know, I didn’t go through OTAs and training camp. I’m not trying to make excuses or anything but I’ve just got to get in game shape and get rolling now...Not going through training camp the same way as normally, it’s just a different routine than I’ve been used to in the past. I’ve just got to get back to where I was.”

If Garoppolo wasn’t physically ready to play, which he admits he wasn’t, should he have been the starting quarterback? He admitted after the game that his arm was feeling some kind of way. “Oh yeah, my arm is feeling it,” he said.

Rightly or wrongly, Garoppolo has a ton of equity built up in this locker room thanks to extended playoff run in 2019 and 2021. Certain players couldn’t wait to tell Mike Silver how much better they thought the team was with him as the starter after Trey Lance got hurt. Yet after another mistake filled loss that included two turnovers, a hideous safety, and another wasted defensive masterpiece, does that equity start to run out? Nick Bosa said he got a bruise on his lip after biting it out of frustration. Was that frustration with the unit that gave up nine total points or with the other guys?

Trey Lance was universally praised when took responsibility for the loss to the Bears in Week 1. If he had played the exact same game that Jimmy G. did last night in Denver, he would be getting skewered and teammates would be calling for him to be benched. Will this performance stick to Garoppolo, or can he still do no wrong inside that locker room?

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