73% It Has Been This Way the past 5.5 years!

I’m one of the biggest fans of Kyle & Jonh. However, there is an on-going issue with Shanahan’s offense in the 3rd and 4th quarters. I spent some time and I learned 73% of the Niners’ games under Shanahan have been out scored by their opponents and or they don’t score as many points as they did in the 1st half. It’s an issue that doesn’t get addressed at least by fans. I know Shanahan is aware of this issue, but in 5.5 years I haven’t seen any change. It appears opponents adjust their defenses at halftime and typically limit the points the Niners put up in the 2nd half. Furthermore, it appears Shanahan simply never makes adjustments to counter-act their opponent’s 2nd half defenses. 73% is a huge glaring problem that seems to never get fixed.

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