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Golden Nuggets: Who’s getting a takeaway on Monday Night Football?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Branch: 49ers’ game review: Part of Jimmy Garoppolo’s performance was inexcusable (paywall)

“Garoppolo (18-for-29) had 11 incompletions and five were off-the-mark tosses to open receivers.”

Brent Jones criticizes Jimmy Garoppolo’s performance vs. Broncos and his conduct after game

“That fumble he was pulling away from the center too early, the pick into double maybe triple coverage was just nasty, but I gotta say, and I don’t think I’ve ever said this before, after you played horrible and you’re the reason your team lost the game, you do not smile and go glad handing the other team after the game. I’ve never seen that from any quarterback ever, that has ever been any good..... Steve Young? No way. Joe Montana? Hell no.... You think Russell Wilson is laughing after he throws a pick, steps out of the end zone for a safety and fumbles a ball and plays horrible and his team’s 1-2 and the reason they lost the game. It almost looked like he didn’t even care. It was so frustrating, and maybe I was just mad because the game was so ugly. If that’s me, I’m running for the locker room. I am not smiling, I am not talking to anybody for a week if you play like that. “

49ers overreactions: Playoffs in jeopardy after 1-2 start?

“The main reason that the season is not over for the 49ers is their defense. Granted, they have not exactly lined up against offensive powerhouses, but the 49ers’ defense is good — very good.”

Stat shows how dominant 49ers’ D has been despite 1-2 record

“ The 49ers are No. 1 in the NFL regarding their defensive three-and-out forced rate at 44 percent, followed by the Philadelphia Eagles (38 percent) and New England Patriots (32 percent).”

“The kid is phenomenal”: Ronnie Lott praises 49ers safety Talanoa Hufanga

“The kid is phenomenal, and what I love is the timing, and the anticipation, and the feel [for the game],” Lott said. “What’s great is that here’s a guy that looks like he’s moving faster than everyone else. And what I mean by that is his anticipation of understanding the moment. So, those kinds of situations where you are anticipating feeling the game, understanding the game, seeing the field, and being present to know, ‘I’m trying to observe all of what’s going on, on the field,’ that’s what you want to see from all of your guys.”

Doctor lays out severity of Williams’ high ankle sprain

““Most commonly, surgery for a high ankle sprain involved using a device called a suture button,” Oji said. “It essentially squeezes the two bones in the ankle called the fibula and the tibia together … to put it in the anatomical position, and then the body typically will heal in the proper position.”

Baldy: 49ers miss Mike McDaniel, offense flat without him

“I thought they would miss him, and I think they [do],” NFL analyst Brian Baldinger said on 95.7 The Game’s The Morning Roast. “It just looks very beige, this offense, if you’ve got to put a color to it. It’s just flat. I think Mike McDaniel is a big loss because what Mike does, nobody is willing—even if you’re willing to put the time in, you don’t know, really, what you’re looking at. He just has that skill.