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Golden Nuggets: Do the 49ers have creative or toxic tension?

Your San Francisco 49ers news for Friday, September 30, 2022

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Steve Young is concerned about ‘resentment’ between Jimmy Garoppolo and 49ers

“The thing that I’m worried about, Tom, is that we know what happened at the end of the season,” Young began with Tolbert & F.P. “Jimmy says goodbye. What I don’t want is sixth months of victimization. People saying in his circles ‘Hey, Jimmy you’re getting screwed, you’re 34-14, you’re awesome, you’re the king, these guys suck, Kyle sucks, everybody sucks.’ And then a whole six months of waiting to go somewhere else and you’re thinking ‘Yeah, yeah, that’s right, I’m the man,’ instead of ‘Wait a second. Why am I getting fired? Why am I getting pushed outside? What do I need to learn?’

“My worry is that when you feel victimized then you have resentment. And the resentment is palpable. And that’s what we have to be super careful of right here, because there’s creative tension and toxic tension. Creative tension is what Bill Walsh and I had or Joe and I had. Everybody got the best out of each other and they drew from that. But then there’s toxic tension, and that’s when it goes into the ground. When the airplane rams into the ground.

Branch: No time to sleep: 49ers’ Deommodore Lenoir will rise early before facing Rams’ Cooper Kupp (paywall)

“I didn’t sleep that whole night because I was drafted in the fifth round and that means there’s really no sleep for me,” Lenoir said. “I’ve got to be on top of everything and I’ve got to show out. I was just anxious that whole night. I work up at 3 in the morning and started watching all our receivers. Their releases. Anything I could find. Every guy on the depth chart, I was watching them.”

49ers Injury Updates: Hope that Williams can avoid IR

“That was the extent of the injury updates, but Shanahan also mentioned that the running backs would have rotated more against Denver if the 49ers had more sustained drives. J.P. Mason and Marlon Mack would have gotten touches, he said.”

Barrows: 49ers backup tackle Colton McKivitz’s top trait: He’s a hard guy to rattle (paywall)

“That’s the way life is, man,” he said. “You tell it like it is, you take ownership for your mistakes and then you get going. That’s the biggest thing. Because if you dwell on a play, it can destroy your whole game.”

Silver: Danny Gray might be 49ers’ quick fix, but he has been kept under wraps (paywall)

“Don’t get me wrong — it’s a very detailed offense,” Gray said Wednesday. “But I wouldn’t say it’s hard. Everything in the call tells you what to do; it’s just about the details. I make sure I dial in.”

Shanahan responds to Jimmy Garoppolo lip reading video: ‘That clip to me is a joke’

“Me and Jimmy are around each other every single day so there’s not any awkwardness from us or anything that’s come from each other,” Shanahan said. “I don’t know the clip you’re talking about. I got it on my notes before this press conference but I’m not a very good lip reader. I probably won’t watch it.”