One more record prediction before FOOTBALL!!!

Week 1 - @ Chicago Bears - W 24-13

Grinder of a game. The Bears have a 13-3 lead at the half, but Lance leads the offense to 2 3Q touchdowns. Chicago rallies back for the win late, but intense pressure from our DL on a 3rd and long results in Fields throwing it straight to Sam Womack, who takes it for 6.

Week 2 - vs. Seattle Seahawks - W 31-3

A sweet sight for sore eyes. Defense with 3+ turnovers, Lance scores a 60+ yard TD with his legs. The Squawks fail to get anything going after opening the game with a FG.

Week 3 - @ Denver Broncos (SNF) - W 28-27

If this game was later in the season, it would be a Top 10 game. Denver kicks the crap out of us early with Lance throwing two first-half picks before we score a TD to go into the half. We rally back (including Danny Gray taking one to the house) from a 24-7 deficit to score the go-ahead TD with :30 left. Denver fails to do what Green Bay did last year.

Week 4 - vs. Los Angeles Rams (MNF) - L 21-19

Welcome to the struggle bus! The Rams hold a 21-3 lead over a struggling 49ers offense going into the 4th quarter. Lance and the offense rebound with 2 scoring drives to bring the game to 21-13 with 2:00 left. They drive down the field again and score a TD, but the game-tying 2-pt conversion is no good when Donald & Co. stuff a Lance read-option in the backfield. We fail to get revenge… for now.

Week 5 - @ Carolina Panthers - L 24-20

Let the NN meltdown begin. The Panthers are underrated, and they pull off the upset. Mayfield scores 2 TDs and pulls the win out of the 49ers’ grasp.*

Week 6 - @ Atlanta Falcons - W 34-13

The run game turns it on in the 2nd half. Mitchell dashes for nearly 200 yards and 2 TDs.

Week 7 - vs. Kansas City Chiefs - L 30-27

Lance and Mahomes go punch for punch the whole game. KC gets the ball last and therefore the win.

Week 8 - @ Los Angeles Rams - W 34-17

This is the revenge. The run game gets its foot in the ground, cuts to the left, and burns the defense repeatedly.

Week 10 - vs. Los Angeles Chargers (SNF) - L 14-13

Starstruck defense v. starstruck defense. The only difference between us and LAC will be that Herbert is in his 3rd year, and Lance is in his first. LAC pulls out the late win. **

Week 11 - vs. Arizona Cardinals (MNF) - W 31-23

The new Call of Duty game releases on October 28th. Know what that means? Murray isn’t doing his homework while our defense is. Scratch this one in as a W, and the party starts in Mexico.

Week 12 - vs. New Orleans Saints - L 24-17

The underrated Saints show us up in our own house.

Week 13 - vs. Miami Dolphins - W 52-31

Roast a pig on a spit, and that pig is Miami. The student learns everything he knows from the master, but the master does not teach everything he knows to the student. Shanahan runs circles around McDaniel and so does San Francisco around Miami. Lance tosses 4 TDs, Mitchell runs for 2, and the defense notches one too.

Week 14 - vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - W 29-26 (OT)

Fun fact #1: Tom Brady was drafted 23 days before Trey Lance was born. Fun fact #2: Trey Lance will beat Tom Brady in their first meeting. Bucs hang 13 4th quarter points on us to run away with the game, but Lance and the offense rally back late with TDs from Kittle and Jennings. Overtime it is, and the Bucs get the ball first. They drive down the field but fall short of the endzone when the DL makes a game-saving sack. The offense drives back, and Brandon Aiyuk scores the game-winning TD after throwing a nasty move on Carlton Davis.

Week 15 - @ Seattle Seahawks (TNF) - L 31-28 This is the Seahawks’ Super Bowl. They will pull out all the stops (a la 2021). Coming off an exhaustive and emotional win over Tampa Bay, the Niners look bad and completely un-playoff-worthy against the Seahawks. The Niners overcome a 14-point deficit in the 4th quarter but it isn’t enough for the win as Seattle snatches it away.

Week 16 - vs. Washington Commanders - W 26-17

This game is relatively unexciting, but a win on Christmas Eve is always a pleasant gift. Wentz loses 2 fumbles as Bosa and Jackson each notch a strip sack.

Week 17 - @ Las Vegas Raiders - W 38-35 (OT)

New Year’s Bash! Niners and Raiders hit it for a classic (though the fans are hitting each other for something less than classic.) A fantastic game ends with a fantastic ending, when the last 3 plays are Carr throwing a pick to Mooney Ward at the goal line, Mitchell hitting the hole for 7 yards to give room, and Deebo taking a screen pass 90 yards to the house.

Week 18 - vs. Arizona Cardinals (TBD) - W 31-24

The Cardinals’ implosion is complete. At this point, both the Rams and the Niners are sitting at 10-6. LA plays the Seahawks and gets the win, leaving the pressure on the Niners to beat Arizona and win the division. SF wins the NFC West and goes into the playoffs on a hot streak.

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