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The 3 best prop bets for 49ers Bears on Sunday

Let’s make things a little more interesting

All the betting and fantasy advice you could want for 49ers/Bears

If you were looking to make Sunday’s game a little more interesting, Michelle Magdziuk and I packed today’s Gold Digger’s podcast with tons of gambling and fantasy advice. If you don’t know, Michelle is a researcher for the NFL Network and writes for Here are three of the best bets you can make in the 49ers game this week.

Trey Lance's longest completion over 36.5 yards

The Bears allowed a 37+ yard reception 15 times in 17 games last season. Granted, there is a new coaching staff, but that doesn’t fix everything overnight. We know the 49ers will want to take shots deep down the field - particularly off play-action. Thankfully, even if Trey doesn’t look deep down the area, the 49ers have the YAC skill to hit this over on a quick pass as well.

Brandon Aiyuk over 49.5 yards receiving

Trey and Brandon have been bosom buddies all offseason long and have been for two straight years. Aiyuk hit this over in eight of his last 11 games last year (including playoffs), which also encompassed 94 yards in Lance’s start against the Texans. You would definitely feel even better about this bet if we knew for sure that Kittle was playing and 100 percent, but even without 85, this should be easy money.

David Montgomery over 14.5 rushing attempts

Even if the Bears get stomped, Chicago will still try and establish the run early - particularly in rainy weather. Once he got healthy last year, Montgomery had at least 15 carries in seven of the team’s last eight games. One of the games he missed did come against the 49ers, but his replacement, Khalil Herbert, still had 23 carries in the game. There will be plenty of carries to be had on Sunday, and Montgomery is going to get at least 15 of them.

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