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49ers vs. Raiders 4th quarter thread: How will Purdy do in the face of adversity?

He threw a pretty bad interception in the third quarter

San Francisco 49ers v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

The 49ers punted on their first drive of the third quarter. After that three-and-out, they scored a touchdown. After another opportunity to score, Brock Purdy threw an interception at midfield. It was the same play Trey Lance threw to Trent Sherfield in the preseason. But, unfortunately, this throw was underthrown by roughly ten yards to George Kittle.

The Raiders scored on their initial possession of the half after Fred Warner was flagged for a face mask on 3rd & 16 and Talanoa Hufanga left Devante Adams to tackle the quarterback, which left Adams open for a long score.