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Golden Nuggets: Bring on Seattle

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Tuesday, January 10th, 2022

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Hutchinson: 49ers have few flaws, but here’s what could cost them in playoffs

“The 49ers defense is consistently susceptible on underneath throws. Hufanga, rather than working the angle to direct ball-carriers back towards help, bursts downhill where he’s frequently cut out of plays...He’s costing the 49ers, and offenses have recognized his desire to time snaps, and attack the backfield. Against the Raiders, he was clearly responsible for the first touchdown to Darren Waller, biting on a play-action fake. He recognized it the second time around and needs to continue to make those adjustments...He needs to be steadier in the playoffs. Consistent playmaking isn’t a necessity from safeties in this defense. Most of Tashaun Gipson Sr.’s team-leading five interceptions, including the two on Sunday, came from defensive line pressure and remaining sound on the backend.”

PFF’s highest- and lowest-graded 49ers players vs. Cardinals, plus snap counts

“George Kittle, TE, 89.9, 44 snaps.”

49ers secure a key regular-season goal — leading the NFL in turnover margin (paywall)

“Every Thursday, the 49ers hold a roster-wide meeting. Its title, “The Ball,” is about as simple as its overarching message: generate takeaways and avoid giveaways...The 49ers take this meeting very seriously. Sorensen’s nickname around the facility, “The Ballfather,” is even a derivative of perhaps his most important job.”

49ers minutia minute: Brandon Aiyuk’s improved conditioning on display (paywall)

“Aiyuk’s conditioning also deserves attention. Not only did he start all 17 games, he rarely had to come out of a contest because he was winded. He played 95 percent or more of the team’s offensive snaps eight times this season. A year ago, he had only one game in which he played 95 percent or more of the snaps.”

49ers receive interview requests for DeMeco Ryans, 2 GM candidates

“Due to the NFL’s rules on diversity hiring, the 49ers would receive compensatory third-round picks for the departures of Ryans and/or Carthon as they did for Saleh, McDaniel and Martin Mayhew, the GM of the Washington Commanders who formerly held Carthon’s current role.”

What Kyle Shanahan said the day after 49ers’ Week 18 win vs. Cardinals

“San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan spoke with reporters via a conference call on Monday, the day after the team’s 38-13 win over the Arizona Cardinals. Here is everything he had to say.”

Nick Bosa encourages 49ers to do nothing in their quest to win it all (paywall)

“I sit on my couch,” Bosa said. “And I fill my Game Ready machine with ice. And I prop my legs up. And I watch some shows. And then I go to bed at 8:30. And I wake up and get to work.