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Pete Carroll on the 49ers defense: “They don’t fool you”

What you see is what you get

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Back in the day, Pete Carroll used to design the 49ers' defense, but this week he’ll be coaching against it for the third time this year. Yesterday he offered this scouting report of DeMeco Ryans’ guys.

“They don’t fool you. They just line up and they’re running their scheme. They’ve got some things that they do. They pressure rarely, but effectively. It’s just the fact that they’re so consistent at what they do, you have to beat them. You have to block them, you have to make them miss you, because they’re going to be in the right spots and they’re gonna execute really well.

Their linebackers, the experience that they have in concert with their guys up front, it makes them really accurately right where they’re supposed to be consistently. It’s tough, you have to really do well to get anything on them.”

By now, the 49ers have an excellent defense, so,simplicity doesn’t necessarily make them easy to go up against. Carroll elaborated on this later when he was asked how San Francisco defends Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf as opposed to other teams.

“They have their ways, but they pretty much make you beat their defense, though. They’ve got enough variety in their scheme that allows them to have some answers to do stuff, but they’re pretty much gonna play what they play. They’re gonna rely on their rush to be the factor, is kind of how they do it. So they’re not as exotic as other teams but yet they have their ways.”

To this point, the 49ers' simple defense has allowed an average of 10 points per game to the Seahawks. We’ll find out Saturday if Carroll and company can crack the code the third time around.

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