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Golden Nuggets: Looking like another rain game on Saturday

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, January 11, 2022

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49ers Notebook: Wild weather in store for Saturday

“But Saturday will be a mess, with just about every weather service predicting rain and strong winds with a high degree of confidence.”

Kyle Shanahan previews 49ers-Seahawks Wild Card Round matchup

“San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan spoke with reporters as the team prepares for its Wild Card Round matchup against the Seattle Seahawks. Here is everything he had to say.”

Round 3 blues? Why the 49ers aren’t overthinking third meeting vs. Seahawks (paywall)

“Ray-Ray leads the league in mumbles,” Shanahan quipped. “Sometimes you have to get him to not mumble. He’s been great. He’s been awesome for our team. The way he plays so fearlessly and has fun out there — that’s what you’re going to get in him as a person. … Come game time, he’s a dude you can count on.”

49ers Notebook: Bosa, Niners “have a good idea” how to beat Seahawks; McCaffrey trade sent a message; Seattle’s improvement

“Everything that’s behind us doesn’t matter, and it’s a one-game season right now,” head coach Kyle Shanahan said. “So we’ve got to beat them this week, one time, and that will allow us to move to next week.”

Why Baldy isn’t concerned about Brock Purdy as 49ers head into the playoffs

“I’m talking about, sort of, the esoteric part of the game. Forget about just getting the ball to the open receiver. But he does it, and he makes it look easy.”