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Titans hire Ran Carthon as their general manager

The 49ers will have two extra third round picks due to the hiring of Carthon

Indianapolis Colts v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/Getty Images

Kyle’s update, Tuesday, January 17, 2:58 p.m. PT: The Titans have officially hired Ran Carthon as their general manager. It’s been quite the rise to the top for Ran. He was a former player that worked his way up from a pro scout and was in charge of one of the best pro personnel groups in the league.

I wonder if there will be any internal promotions to replace Carthon. The 49ers will be awarded a third-round comp pick for this year and next year’s draft. If DeMeco Ryans gets hired, the 49ers would only net an additional third-round comp pick since it is in the same cycle. That would land in 2025.

So Martin Mayhew, Carton, Mike McDaniel, and Robert Saleh have all been rewarded with general manager or head coaching positions under Kyle Shanahan.

When you look at the 49ers' roster construction, it’s evident they have one of the best scouting departments in the NFL. They hit on Day 3 draft picks at an astonishing rate while consistently finding value in free agency.

San Francisco retaining assistant general manager Adam Peters for as long as they have has surprised some. But Peters is from Cupertino, California. The Bay Area is his home. And there hasn’t been an opportunity quite like the 49ers out there.

The Tennessee Titans were the latest team to request Peters’ services Monday. However, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported that Peters declined Tennessee’s request Wednesday. That has to be a tough pill to swallow if you’re the Titans, considering Peters was their first choice.

Many believe Peters will be John Lynch’s successor as the 49ers' general manager. If the 49ers win the Super Bowl, would Lynch step down, take a different role, or promote Peters? That’s to be determined.

We may be jumping the gun, making the parallel that Peters is getting promoted since he declined to interview for another job. Rapoport said Peters plans to focus on supporting the 49ers during their playoff run.

The Titans still have a request for Ran Carthon. DeMeco Ryans has multiple requests from the Broncos and Texans, but they cannot interview Ryans until Tuesday, per the NFL’s rules.