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Brock Purdy: I’m not thinking about a storybook ending

“I’m definitely thankful for everything that has happened, but we still have a ways to go.”

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In terms of improbable outcomes for this 49ers season, what we’ve seen so far has to rank at the top. When you really think about it, four more victories would give the Niners one of the most unlikely championship runs in professional sports history. The only person not thinking about it, apparently, is Brock Purdy.

“I feel like I’ll do a lot of reflecting after the season. Right now I’m looking at it like we’ve got the Seahawks. Yes, it’s playoffs but for myself I’ve gotta do my job. I’m not trying to think about this storybook ending or anything like that.

I’ve got a great defense I’ve got to play on [Saturday]. I gotta do my job in terms of getting my guys the ball, and all that will fall into place. Definitely thankful for everything that has happened, but we still have a ways to go.”

Saturday’s game will be a step up in intensity for Purdy, something Fred Warner tried to get him to understand in practice.

“Fred said it really well at practice yesterday. He’s like, ‘Man, you should feel this feeling in your gut. We’re in the playoffs. It matters, obviously. Every single day, every meeting, every minute matters.’

So there’s a good vibe right now going on. Obviously at practice, in the locker room, it feels good. It’s a good energy. We’ve just got to translate it onto the field and be detailed with everything because everything matters. All the guys are really juiced up.”

So many players on this year’s team remember the sting of defeat they endured after the NFC Championship Game last year at SoFi Stadium. The only way to avoid experiencing that again is to pour all of their focus this week into preparing for the playoff games ahead of them.

Do that, and the story will write itself.

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