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Kyle Shanahan is prepared for wind and rain against the Seahawks

The forecast calls for rain for the duration of the game

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Come hell or high water. The 49ers are ready to handle their business against the Seahawks. Speaking to the media yesterday, Kyle Shanahan sounded utterly prepared for any challenge he could face on Saturday, including the weather.

“You have everything in the game plan for it to go anyway, not just because of weather, but whether you’re struggling in any aspect too, so you always got that planned, and we know it’s a big possibility. We’ll see how it affects both sides, and we’ll adjust accordingly.”

Later in the press conference, Kyle elaborated on the potentially equalizing effect of the weather.

“Yeah, I always think bad weather slows the game down and equalizes stuff, but when it’s one game, three and a half hours in the playoffs. I look at all games as equal. I know we’re favored, I know what people say, but this is the NFL, and this is the playoffs, and last time we played them, it came down to last possession. I expect it to be the same.”

Joe Staley told us yesterday that Kyle Shanahan can shift into “playoff mode” when it comes to game planning and play calling in the postseason. Hopefully, accounting for the weather is included in that.

For what it’s worth, the 49ers have experience playing in the rain this year. San Francisco played in two straight rainy games to open the season, including against the Bears, when the field looked like this:

Let’s hope it doesn’t get that bad.

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