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Chargers vs. Jaguars playoff thread: Will the underdog win?

I think so

NFL: SEP 25 Jaguars at Chargers Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Playoff football isn’t done yet Saturday as the 10-7 Los Angeles Chargers are on the road to face the 9-8 Jacksonville Jaguars. These are two of the better young up-and-coming quarterbacks in the NFL between Justin Herbert and Trevor Lawrence. There will naturally be overreactions to whoever loses, but I think the Jags win.

I’m willing to take it a step further and say they upset the Chiefs next week. Crazy, I know. Something about the unknown. It also doesn’t hurt that Brandon Staley cost his team one of their most critical players in Mike Williams.

I think this is also a higher-scoring game, as both teams move the ball up and down. This’ll come down to whichever head coach makes the better decisions on fourth down.