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Ravens vs. Bengals playoff thread: No Lamar, no problem?

We shall see about that

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills almost were victims of one of the biggest upsets in recent playoff history. But almost doesn’t count in the playoffs. A win by one or 21 is the same. The goal is to survive and advance.

The New York Giants went into Minnesota and did what Miami couldn’t. Daniel Jones was excellent. Isaiah Hodgins made plays. Saquon Barkley proved to be too fast, and old friend Richie James contributed.

The night's final game is between the Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals. Lamar Jackson hasn’t played in what feels like an eternity. The Bengals have the obvious advantage at quarterback and wide receiver, but the coaching mismatch might be even bigger between John Harbaugh and Zac Taylor.

This feels like a game where Baltimore hangs around and don’t be surprised if they have enough tricks up their sleeve to pull off the upset.