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Ryans will interview with the Broncos today, Texans Friday, plus Cardinals and Colts this week

Ryans will speak to the media Thursday afternoon

San Francisco 49ers v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Kyle’s update, 10:00 a.m. PT, Thursday, January 19: Per NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero, DeMeco Ryans will interview with the Broncos today, then the Texans on Friday, plus interview with Cardinals and Colts this week.

Ryans is slated to speak with the media today. We’ll have updates once he does.

The Colts were the latest team with a head coaching vacancy to reach out to the 49ers for defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans Monday. Kyle Shanahan was asked how he’d advise his staff members to allot their time in such a busy week with job opportunities:

“I think my advice is you just have to set that aside to specific times that you are going to deal with it. It was very easy for me because, at that time, when we had the two seed, we had a BYE Week, so I was able to set aside time.

We got three days off, and I was able to set aside two days only for those interviews, so I knocked them all out then, and there wasn’t anything after that. I completely shut it off and went right back to the playoffs.

And the difference for DeMeco is it’ll be similar to what [Miami Dolphins head coach Mike] McDaniel had to go through last year. We don’t have that BYE Week, but I think he has a couple times set aside for Thursday and Friday, which he’ll do two interviews, I believe those two days, with Denver and Houston, and then I think I’ll plan on the other ones after.

On Friday afternoons, we typically get some time off, so that shouldn’t cut into anything and usually, on Thursdays, we finish a little bit earlier than we do on the other nights in the week, so he has a chance to do that Thursday night. When you just set the time aside for that, it’s a lot for DeMeco to kind of prepare for it, but I think he is prepared for it and when you’re done with those, you go right back to the most important thing at hand then and that’s us finding a way to win this Sunday.”

DeMeco going through multiple interviews last year will help with his preparation as he knows what types of questions to expect.

More importantly, he’s the catch. Ryans is the one that’s being sought after, so he won’t have to go above and beyond.

The one concern would be if he’s stretched too thin with practice and interviews, but it doesn’t sound like that’ll be an issue since the interviews are happening during the downtime of the 49ers' schedule.