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Have the 49ers embarked on the ultimate playoff redemption tour?

The schedule sets up for revenge...

The 49ers are two games away from playing in the Super Bowl. Now is the time to dream big. On today’s Bully Ball podcast, Steph Sanchez and Jason Aponte took a peek down the road to imagine one possible scenario that could unfold if the Niners were to fulfill all the potential we think they have this season.

Steph: We faced the Seahawks, we beat them. We’re facing the Cowboys. There’s a possibility, right, a possibility that if the 49ers advance they could play against the Giants, and then maybe, possibly the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. Seahawks, Cowboys, Giants, and Chiefs. Could you imagine how many wounds that could potentially heal for this fan base? We need it.

Jason: Revenge on everybody?

Steph: We need that. I need it.

Jason: Somebody get the Ravens on the phone and tell them we’ll play them after the Super Bowl, too. Let’s clear all of this up.

Every fan base worth their salt has playoff scars. Even fans of the Patriots, the winningest playoff machine in the history of the NFL, wear the marks from a few devastating playoff defeats. If you’re there enough times, eventually, you’re going to get burned.

Rarely does a team get so perfect an opportunity to redeem almost all of their recent postseason wounds, however. The Seahawks ended the 49ers' hopes of a second straight Super Bowl appearance in 2013 after three 4th quarter turnovers from Colin Kaepernick. The Cowboys ended two straight seasons of 49ers’ hopes and dreams in 1992 and 1993 and have decades of playoff history with the Niners. The Giants advanced to the Super Bowl in 2011 after two fumbles from backup returner Kyle Williams (they also snuffed out hopes of a Super Bowl three-peat in 1990).

A Super Bowl title this year wouldn’t erase the pain associated with those memories, but it would help us feel a hell of a lot better than we do right now. With the way this team has been playing over the past 11 weeks, there’s no reason not to dream.

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