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Golden Nuggets: Congrats to Ran!

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, January 18, 2023

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Nguyen: Brock Purdy’s 49ers playoff debut was good, but not as good as stats suggest (paywall)

“In the end, the pass was completed, but it’s details like this that Purdy will want to iron out before the divisional round of the playoffs....Purdy’s ability to play out of structure has been a clear advantage over Garoppolo. Including the playoffs, on dropbacks in which he took more than three seconds to throw, Purdy ranks fourth in success rate (47.1 percent). Garoppolo’s success rate on such dropbacks (35.1 percent) ranks 24th...However, Purdy has to manage the pocket better than he did against the Seahawks. He might have had trouble seeing over the line, but he needs to step up in the pocket more often and resist his instinct to bail outside.

49ers’ director of player personnel hired as Titans’ new general manager [report]

“Because Carthon is a minority, San Francisco will receive two compensatory draft picks, a 2023 and 2024 third-rounder...Amazingly, those are the sixth and seventh compensatory picks the 49ers have received since the league instituted Rooney Rule incentives for diversity hiring.”

Eric Branch explains how Kyle Shanahan calmed things down for Brock Purdy in 2nd half vs. Seahawks

“But the most interesting thing he said was that he wanted to kind of calm things down and slow things down. So, in the first drive of the third quarter — which was very successful — a 13-play, 75-yard touchdown drive. They called 10 runs and in the first half they had 30 plays and Shanahan called 20 passes. [The Seahawks] were going to gear up to stop [Christian] McCaffrey and they were going to unleash Purdy on them. And it was just kind of an acknowledgement where ‘we just kind of need to calm things down for our rookie.’”

Vegas sets 49ers-Cowboys spread as closest of divisional weekend

“In other betting news, the 49ers are now the favorites in the NFC to make the Super Bowl at +400, edging the Eagles who are now at +500. Both are still behind the Chiefs (+280) and Bills (+325).”

Maiocco: 49ers overreactions: Could Purdy’s breakout force Lance trade?

“And it actually would cost the 49ers a lot more salary-cap space to trade Lance than to keep him on the team...Never say never, but we do not think the 49ers would even remotely consider giving up on Lance at this point....As we saw this season, it is not out of the ordinary for a team to turn to its backup quarterback — or even its third-stringer — to save the season....The 49ers are in good shape heading into next season with Purdy and Lance — however they might start out on the depth chart.”

Barrows: 49ers mailbag: Will team trade Trey Lance? Will Charles Omenihu get re-signed? (paywall)

“If there’s any lesson to be learned from the 2022 season, it’s that teams need multiple, capable quarterbacks in order to be successful. That wasn’t just a 49ers’ lesson. Look how maligned Miami’s and Baltimore’s offenses were in the wild-card round with backup quarterbacks under center....Lance might seem superfluous now. But it’s not far-fetched to think the 49ers will need more than one quarterback starter next season. The last time they had a full-season starter at the position was 2019.”

DeMeco Ryans to interview with 4 teams for head coaching positions

“Defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans is one of the hottest head coaching candidates this offseason, and is scheduled to have interviews with four teams for their vacancies. Ryans will interview with the Broncos on Thursday and with the Texans on Friday. Next week, he will interview with two other teams, assumed to be the Cardinals and Colts. The Panthers could also call him in for an interview.”

Jerry Jones asked about replacing kicker vs. Niners after debacle

“He’s done enough good ones. I don’t think he’s blown the socket or whatever you do.”