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Shanahan on the Cowboys: ‘They looked their best Monday night’

Plus a look at today’s injury report

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

The 49ers took the practice field for the first time Wednesday ahead of their Divisional Round matchup against the Dallas Cowboys. Here’s a look at the injury report for Wednesday:

Did Not Participate

QB Garoppolo (12/4 foot fracture)

CB Thomas (ankle)


WR Jennings (ankle)

DE Ebukam (ankle)

DT Kinlaw (knee)

Dre Greenlaw briefly came out of the game against the Seahawks last Saturday, but Kyle Shanahan said, “he’s good now.”

Shanahan watched the Cowboys game Monday night. Here’s his statement on them:

“They’re a good team. Have been all year. They looked their best Monday night, which you expected them to. The atmosphere and everything. They’ve been good for a while. Just watching this week, it reminds me of their team from last year, only improved.”

Shanahan said he “hated” how the game ended last year and felt like the 49ers' mistakes toward the end led to the game being closer than it needed to be. Other than that, Shanahan said he doesn’t take anything else away from last year’s contest.

Shanahan, on the Cowboys' defense:

I think starting with their defensive line, Dan Quinn jumps off the tape to me. The way he gets those guys to move. They’ve got some good rushers. Everyone knows about [DeMarcus] Lawrence and [Micah]Parsons, but there’s not one bad one there. The way that they stunt can create 1-on-1s.

There’s a reason they’re No. 1 at getting to the quarterback in sacks and pressures and it does jump off the catch.

A lot will be made about Shanahan’s familiarity with Dan Quinn. Kyle said every matchup is unique, and him knowing Quinn doesn’t matter as much: “If you’ve been coordinating in the league for a while, whether you know them or not, you get an idea of what game day is like based on film.”

Shanahan said the biggest evolution Quinn has undergone is in coverage on the back end.