School Bus Part Deux or "How I missed ak4niner replying"

Boy FanPosts really suck on SBNation... besides super-poorly implemented, they shut off new comments after a short period of time. But whatever. *eye roll*

So yeah, ak... somehow missed you replied to me like a month ago on the school bus thing.

No, the driver doesn't get out and hold up a stop sign to let kids cross the road, though many years ago when I actually rode a school bus they actually did at some stops.

But it was few and far between. That's my point... kids aren't allowed to cross the road any more here, yet both lanes of traffic have to stop every time the bus does.

They have this little motorized stop sign that flips out from the back of the bus. It makes NO sense why everyone has to stop. Often times the bus pulls well off the road so why can't we all just keep driving by while the little rugrats offload? haha

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