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Hosts on the Cowboys flagship station wish Christian McCaffrey would get injured

“We could use an injury, we really could.”

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Last week the Seahawks twisted Deebo Samuel’s leg during the Wild Card game. This week the motivational incident may have come a few days before game day.

During Tuesday’s “Gbag Nation” on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, hosts Bryan Braddus and Gavin Dawson were openly hoping for Christian McCaffrey to get injured.

For those that don’t want to listen:

Broaddus: “He’s healthy now. In Carolina he couldn’t stay healthy, now he never gets hurt.”

Dawson: “We could use an injury, we really could.”

Broaddus: “Yeah, hamstring would be good.”

As the criticism rolled in, Broaddus apologized...almost.

Dawson decided to double down.

“I’m sorry this even happened” is not an apology, but it’s certainly shows a little more self-awareness than Dawson picking up the shovel and digging himself an even deeper hole.

It’s definitely not a good look for employees of the Cowboys flagship station to be wishing injury upon an opponent. And as someone that produced a daily national radio show for a decade and a half, I can also say it’s lazy sports talk radio. There are a million things to talk about in this matchup, and that’s the topic you go to?

Who knows if the 49ers will even hear about this before the game on Sunday, but if they do I imagine they’ll feel some kind of way about it. That could be bad news for most of the people listening to 105.3 The Fan.

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