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Golden Nuggets: What matchup are you most looking forward to?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Friday, January 27th, 2022

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49ers’ Christian McCaffrey: ‘Zero’ chance he’s not playing

“McCaffrey said he will go through mostly the same routine he would in a normal practice week, including walk-throughs, as he recovers from the calf issue...“It’s the same process, just lowering a little bit of the physical load,” McCaffrey said.,,,Elsewhere on the injury report, running back Elijah Mitchell (groin) is also didn’t practice on Thursday. “

Murph: For 49ers, every disadvantage has it’s advantage

“Where Shanahan sees a monster pass rush, he might see a chance to counter with his run game. Where Ryans sees a mobile QB, he might see a chance to highlight his brilliant linebackers...The disadvantage of all that Eagle talent can be countered by the advantage of brilliant coaches seeing holes.”

Nguyen: NFL playoffs: Key matchups in 49ers-Eagles NFC Championship Game (paywall)

“In the NFC Championship Game, whether it’s Arik Armstead, Javon Kinlaw or Kevin Givens playing defensive tackle for the 49ers, it’s imperative that they do not get driven back by the Eagles’ powerful offensive line. They have to penetrate to close the space that the read man has to cover. Defensive ends have different techniques they could play on the backside depending on the scheme, but regardless of what scheme is called, they have to remain disciplined and play their assignment. The 49ers are used to getting off the ball and penetrating upfield, but in this game, their ends have to play with control, which will slow them on running downs.”

How 49ers’ Aaron Banks developed using hoops, jump rope and ‘calcium cocktails’ (paywall)

“Aaron, 25, now 6-5 and 325 pounds, smiled Wednesday in the 49ers’ locker room as he recalled their before-bed routine: 150 made free throws and 2,000 jump-rope skips in their backyard. And Teresa said that was followed by vitamins and a blended “calcium cocktail”: two cups of nonfat milk, four scoops of Ovaltine and six scoops of dry milk.”

DeMeco Ryans frontrunner for Broncos job, Anthony Lynn interviewing for OC job [reports]

“Klis said Ryans seems to be a “top choice” for the Broncos, but that a second interview would have to wait until after the NFC Championship...He adds that the Houston Texans are “also coveting” Ryans as their next head coach, and that Ryans “cancelled his interviews and essentially withdrew from consideration with the Cardinals and Colts.”

Silver: Why Deebo Samuel will not be denied, not by the 49ers and not by the Eagles (paywall)

“Receiver Brandon Aiyuk said of Samuel’s aggressive negotiation tactics, “That’s the mind-set he has. That’s the mind-set we have in the (receivers’ meeting) room. We’re trying to get whatever we want. I didn’t think” he’d be denied.”