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49ers vs. Eagles 4th quarter thread: A painful, painful ending

To an otherwise incredible season

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

The 49ers picked up a first down thanks to an excellent route by George Kittle. But after Spencer Burford allowed a quarterback hit, Johnson left the game and was being evaluated for a concussion.

After the defense forced a three-and-out, Purdy remained in the game. The question everybody wanted to know was would Shanahan throw the ball with an injured Purdy? On 3rd & 13, the Niners threw a screen pass and were forced to punt.

After allowing a first down, the defense forced a stop. That was until Jordan Mason was flagged for a personal foul for roughing the punter. That wouldn’t be the last penalty of the drive by the defense, but it was

The fourth rushing touchdown was the most San Francisco has allowed in a playoff game. This may fall on deaf ears, but there was nothing left to accomplish for DeMeco Ryans as a defensive coordinator. That side of the ball did everything they could to keep the game manageable, but eventually ran out of gas.

Penalties and poor angles were not the fault of Ryans. The time they spent on the field caught up to the 49ers defense, as did penalties and poor angles. Despite having a three-touchdown lead, the Eagles only averaged 4.4 yards per play. There were a few longer runs, but the defense kept getting off the field. That is, until they didn’t.