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NFC West recap: The 49ers keep rolling, and look to extend its winning streak to double-digits

It wasn’t pretty, but the 49ers escaped Las Vegas with a win.

San Francisco 49ers v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

The 49ers continued their winning ways in Las Vegas. It was hard to imagine the game coming down to overtime with Jarett Stidham making his first career start. But, either way, that’s the nature of the NFL. Wins are wins.

The NFC West has been wrapped up for weeks. Seattle’s victory on Sunday over the Jets kept their slim playoff hopes alive. The Rams lost the battle for SoFi supremacy. Arizona lost valiantly in Atlanta by a last-second field goal.

San Francisco 49ers - 12-4, vs. Arizona

Nine consecutive victories for the 49ers pushed the team into the second seed in the NFC. Sunday’s victory is a confidence builder, not only for Brock Purdy but this 49ers team. The defense has been stellar all season. Being able to win a game when the defense faltered a bit is encouraging.

The Eagles stumbled again on Sunday against New Orleans and now are in a must-win game against their division rivals in Week 18. The 49ers are still in play for the top seed and a first-round bye. Securing the bye would be a boost for this team. Getting healthy and potentially not leaving the west coast again is a luxury.

This weekend, we’re all New York Giants fans.

Seattle Seahawks - 8-8, vs. Rams

Geno Smith exacted revenge on the team that drafted him by eliminating them from playoff contention. That’s a cold dish.

Seattle needs help to secure the final playoff spot in the NFC. A win coupled with a Lions victory over Green Bay is the only path to the playoffs.

Playoffs or not, this season is a step in the right direction for this franchise. It would be easier to give credit if it wasn’t for the Seahawks. Week 18 will be theater for the NFL.

Los Angeles Rams - 5-11, @ Seattle

Losing at “home” by three touchdowns isn’t the best way to close out your season. Technically, the game was an away game for the Rams. This is true when the 49ers come to visit. Ok, maybe that was a low blow.

Los Angeles has a chance to play spoiler against Seattle on Sunday. A win over the Seahawks ends their playoff chances. Do Baker and company have one last victory in them?

Arizona Cardinals - 4-12, @ 49ers

Give Arizona credit. They fought hard on Sunday in Atlanta. Being short-handed at QB and WR didn’t stop this team from nearly leaving with a victory.

David Blough did all he could to secure the victory. Playing spoiler to the 49ers’ dreams of securing the top seed and bidding farewell to NFL legend JJ Watt is all that remains for this team.