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Brock Purdy: “No doubt” I can lead 49ers to a Super Bowl title

The 49ers rookie quarterback does not lack confidence

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Anyone that watches Brock Purdy play knows he doesn’t lack for confidence. Apparently, that applies off the field as well.

In an interview with Murph & Mac on KNBR, Purdy was asked if he thinks a Super Bowl title is within his reach.

“Yes, sir. No doubt,” Purdy said without hesitation, “That’s the mindset right now.”

It would be an unprecedented situation. Before Brock himself this year, no quarterback picked last in the draft had ever even gone on to start a single game in the NFL, let alone win a Super Bowl with one.

Later in the interview, Purdy explained why he sometimes comes across as cocky on the field.

“Off the field and everything, I’m a faith based guy. I’m not about myself and the whole image of being a quarterback. I like to spread love to my teammates and the people that have helped me get to where I’m at.

But right when you get on the field, man, I’m a competitor. That’s what my job is. I have to lead guys and do what I can to put up points on the board. If that [means] show some emotion and some drive for my guys to feed off of, then so be it. I’ll do it.

That’s sort of just how I look at it, but I don’t go into the game or think, ‘I’m that guy’ or anything like that. It’s, ‘How can I help my team win’ and just bring some fire and some passion to everyone.”

Part of what has endeared Purdy to teammates and fans alike is his elusiveness in the pocket and ability to extend plays - something that we haven’t seen from a 49ers quarterback for an extended stretch since Colin Kaepernick a decade ago.

“That’s sort of always been a little part of my game. I’m not a dual threat guy like Lamar Jackson and have that kind of speed, but just being able to escape the pocket and sort of create plays outside of the rhythm or timing of the play - I’ve always been able to do that.

The scrambles, the running outside the pocket, making throws on the run, stuff like that, yeah, I feel like I can do it. I don’t know if I’m overlooked in that area or what, but I’ve always believed in myself and I know that I can do it.”

So far, everything has been working for Brock and the 49ers. They’re NFC West champions, they’ve won nine straight games, and they’ve scored at least 30 points in all but one game since he became the quarterback last month.

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