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49ers reacts Week 18: Are you still confident in the team’s direction after allowing 34 points?

The defense did not play well, which was surprising.

San Francisco 49ers v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

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The 49ers left Las Vegas with a victory on New Year’s Day. It was a fight to the end, but a victory nonetheless. The defense wasn’t up to their standards, Brock Purdy looked more like a rookie than he ever has, and penalties and unforced errors returned for a week.

The secondary showed some weakness in defending the deep ball. Aside from the Wards (Mooney and Jimmie), the other three secondary members had some rough moments. However, a pattern has developed over the past few weeks.

Some have viewed this game as a big crack in the armor. Others have viewed this game as a valuable lesson for this team and QB.

I’m not nearly as pessimistic about this performance. I’m encouraged. Sure, the opponent isn’t a playoff team. This is the NFL. Personnel and game plan matter. The Raiders had the personnel and game plan to attack the 49ers. They deserve credit. The 49ers’ defense did overlook this team, according to Nick Bosa.

So why am I encouraged?

Firstly, this was an incredible learning experience for Brock Purdy. Playoff games will feel like this down the stretch. Shaking off a slow first half to lead two game-winning drives in the fourth quarter is impressive. Robbie Gould missed the game-winner, but Purdy led them into field goal range after the previous drive ended with a Jordan Mason touchdown.

Secondly, winning a game when the defense wasn’t up to its usual standard is impressive. We’ve become so accustomed to this defense that it is a shock when it allows points. As good as this defense is, it’s almost impossible to sustain the level of dominance from previous weeks.

Defenses have bad days, even some of the greatest units.

Lastly, good teams find ways to win games. Bad teams make excuses for why they lost games. Everything isn’t going to go to plan. Being able to overcome obstacles and leave with a win shows resolve and steadiness. The name of the game is to finish with more points than your opponent. There are no style points in the NFL.

The 49ers have one more week to improve their standing in the NFC. Week 18 will be the teams’ last opportunity to work on the coverage issues that have plagued them at various points this year.

I have complete faith in DeMeco Ryans and his ability to fix, scheme, and improve secondary issues.

Are you confident in this team’s direction?


Are you confident in the team’s direction?

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