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ESPN’s Domonique Foxworth ranks 49ers atop NFC Power Rankings

Domonique Foxworth believes the 49ers are the top team in the NFC.

Fred Warner San Francisco 49ers v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Former NFL cornerback turned ESPN analyst Domonique Foxworth ranked the 49ers atop his NFC power rankings on Tuesday’s episode of The Domonique Foxworth Show. Foxworth and his co-host/producer Charlie Kravitz both had plenty of high praise for Kyle Shanahan’s team.

“My number one team in the NFC right now is the 49ers,” Kravitz said. “I think they have the best defense in the NFC. I think their offensive skill positions are great. George Kittle has turned into a superstar tight end again. Aiyuk has emerged as a really really high-end number two or low-end number one. Deebo is not even back yet. McCaffrey is absurd. And we keep waiting for Brock Purdy to fall apart, but he was actually down 10 against a Raiders team that’s not bad and came back, and they won the game twice.”

“I like that,” Foxworth responded. “I don’t have any disagreement with that other than the fact that you didn’t mention any defensive players and you led with the offense.”

Foxworth went on to discuss his favorite part of the 49ers defense, which is the unit’s ability to make game-changing plays. Foxworth joked that Niners faithful is the only fanbase in the league that can be as excited to see their offense and defense on the field. “Like, they are just as prone to create some sort of game-changing play as the offense,” Foxworth said. “No one else in the league is like that.”

The 49ers have now won nine straight games, heading into the final week of the season with a 12-4 record. Having already clinched the NFC West, the Niners can solely focus on postseason seeding. They are currently the 2nd seed in the NFC behind the Philadelphia Eagles. However, they could take the top spot with a win and Eagles loss in Week 18.