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Golden Nuggets: Bring on the Cardinals

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Friday, January 6th, 2022

Purdy explains how his baseball past helps him as 49ers’ QB1

“The arm angles, having a base as a thrower, all that kind of stuff definitely helped me to be where I’m at now, especially the quick game and throwing around defensive ends and stuff like that,” Purdy said. “It’s definitely a credit to baseball.”

What has impressed Baldy about 49ers rookie Brock Purdy?

“Before kickoff, Baldinger approached wide receiver Deebo Samuel to discuss the then-22-year-old quarterback. He wanted to go through a checklist with the star 49ers player, which looked like this.

  • Can get out of harm’s way
  • Fearless over the middle
  • Reads option routes
  • Can extend plays
  • Sees the whole field

Check, check, check, check, and check. Purdy checked all the boxes in Samuel’s mind. “

When Kyle Shanahan stopped being surprised by 49ers rookie Brock Purdy

“I think when that hit me was after his first game. When I got home that night, I was surprised. I mean, Jimmy [Garoppolo] goes down, gets hurt, and [Purdy] goes in that game, and they’re all-out blitzing and doing a bunch of crazy stuff. We played with him for three quarters, and once I got home that night, I was like, ‘Holy cow.’...You start off, and you realize your third guy is going in there. It’s his first game. But after watching him just for a few series, I quickly forgot about it. And that’s not just because I forgot about it. It’s because he made me forget about it. The ball’s going to the right spot. He’s playing aggressive but not stupid. He’s playing fast, and things are going well....I was surprised when I got home that night that I actually ended up feeling that way. Then you go into the Tampa Bay game. He had a great week of practice, and I felt that way throughout the whole Tampa Bay game. Now it’s not a surprise to me. It’s been fun. It’s been fun in practice, and it’s carried over into the game.”

Steve Young breaks down Brock Purdy quality he saw in Patrick Mahomes

“Patrick Mahomes reminded me; when he first took the field, we were in Monday night in Denver in his rookie year, and he’s playing and that’s when he did the left-handed throw,” Young said. “He was rolling left and I was just taken aback at how present he — when you stand on the sidelines and you’ve played a long time, you get the benefit of — your heartbeat is about 42, you’re just watching the game...If you could play that way it would be awesome, but everyone else on the field is freaking out because the pressure and the adrenaline and everything else. But here’s a guy playing, you’re like, wait, why is his heartbeat at 42? Because heartbeat’s are at least 100-110. And that’s what I saw in in Patrick that was shocking to me as a rookie. And I think that same kind of thing with Brock.”

Brock Purdy on KNBR: ‘Not mad’ to be drafted last

“I’d say I got right in the offseason down in Florida with guys like Will Hewlett and [Dr. Tom Gormely],” Purdy said. “Those guys definitely helped my game in terms of being an efficient thrower and playmaker and things like that. So when I got to the Niners, it obviously helped me improve my game.

NFL cancels Bills-Bengals, announces details of playoff changes

“What this means is that both the Chiefs and Bills are still in contention for the No. 1 seed (Buffalo needs a KC loss and a win). There will be no additional game, nor will there be an eighth team added to the playoffs, as some rumblings suggested.”

Nick Bosa explains why Josh Jacob is the best back he’s faced, says Raiders game helped 49ers

“Just his cutting ability,” Bosa told Damon Bruce and Ray Ratto. “Right when he gets the ball, he makes that one cut and then hits it really hard. And he’s kind of old school. A big dude, short and stocky. So the usual arm tackles that will slow [others] down don’t really slow him down at all, and he’s explosive.”

Ryans details what Hufanga, 49ers defense can improve on

“He has to clean up his eyes,” Ryans told reporters Thursday of Hufanga. “There’s too many big plays we’re giving up and Huf knows that. You have to clean up your eyes, especially when you’re protecting us on the backend...You’re the eraser for us, your eyes can’t be dirty, you can’t be in the backfield. And he knows that — he has to get better at it.”