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Brock Purdy: We can get even better

“If we do play to our full potential, what else can we do?”

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You would think it’s hard to be better than ten wins in your last ten games. Brock Purdy said otherwise after yesterday's 49ers' final game of the regular season.

“When you’re on a roll, when you’re on a win streak you feel like, ‘Man, the groove and how we’re playing together, it feels really good when we’re on it.’

A lot of us are real with ourselves, too, though. I feel like we still haven’t played to our full potential yet. So we look at it as a challenge but we’re also excited because it’s like, ‘Man, if we do play to our full potential, what else can we do?’ Those are the kind of things that we ask ourselves every day and we’re excited about, but I’m excited moving forward for being on a win streak.”

That’s a scary thought for opposing teams. The 49ers have allowed the fewest yards in the league, intercepted more passes than anyone else in the league, and scored at least 30 points in six of their last eight games. The rest of the playoff field is in trouble if that isn't their peak.

Purdy himself has put up 14 total touchdowns and just four interceptions since taking over for Jimmy Garoppolo. No rookie quarterback has ever started a Super Bowl, but Brock said after the game he doesn’t feel a ton of pressure to be the guy.

“I have so many playmakers around me I feel like I don’t have all the weight of the world on my shoulders.”

He’s doing something right. When Purdy took over, the 49ers were averaging 22.6 points per game. Since the change, the 49ers averaged 33.5 points per game. While Brock will admit that that has a lot to do with the people around him (particularly Christian McCaffrey), he hasn’t just been along for the ride.

With four more wins, the 49ers will complete the wildest ride in the history of the franchise.

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