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Watch: Talanoa Hufanga and James Conner have a heated exchange after 49ers-Cardinals

We might have a rivalry brewing between these two for the next meeting. Get your popcorn

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Things were not civil in the postgame handshake between San Francisco 49ers safety Talanoa Hufanga and Arizona Cardinals running back James Conner.

After the 49ers and Cardinals game ended and went off the air, there words were exchanged between the two players in the postgame. Conner and Hufanga look like they were taunting each other and then Conner goes for Hufanga’s throat in a chokeslam Kane would be proud of. That obviously didn’t go over well and things started escalating. Shortly after the entanglement, George Kittle and later Ambry Thomas came by to make sure things didn’t get out of control.

The 49ers offense ran the ball right down the Cardinals in a 35-16 win. The Cardinals managed to make it a game in the 3rd quarter, but the 49ers offense was having their way with them via long drives and a near-perfect Brock Purdy.

The Cardinals offense on the other hand started had some unanticipated success against the vaunted 49ers defense. The problem was, the Cardinals offense got going after the 49ers scored two touchdowns, and any time the Cardinals took six minutes of fans’ lives to score a touchdown, the 49ers took another 10 minutes to answer, putting them more behind the 8-ball. That didn’t stop quarterback Joshua Dobbs from finding a few open receivers and running around on the 49ers defense. The 49ers defensive line certainly delivered pressure, but there were few sacks in an effort that is S for satisfactory.

So with that in mind, it makes sense things might be a bit heated from those respective sides of the ball between the two teams.

I almost want to call this “Handshakegate II: The Search for the Handshake.” If you remember, I’m referencing the 49ers win over the Detroit lions in 2011. After the win, then-49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh ran to the middle of the field and did a quick handshake/backslap to then-Lions head coach Jim Schwartz. That didn’t go so well for Schwartz who was seen chasing after Harbaugh and Harbaugh taunting back at him. The team was getting ready for a postgame brawl that got broken up rather quickly before any haymakers came.

This isn’t on the level of Handshakegate, but it certainly deserves to be the sequel that just didn’t measure up to the original.

Back to Hufanga and Conner. That seems like a pretty reasonable response from the Cardinals after Brock Purdy has a near-perfect day and you have no chance of catching up when you forget you are the Arizona Cardinals. At least Conner was smart and left his bonnet on as he went to get physical with Hufanga.

This will probably carry over into the next game the 49ers have against the Cardinals. As said above, Cardinals have a hard time remembering they are the Cardinals and they always play the 49ers hard. The 49ers will meet the Cardinals in Arizona December 15. I only hope this rivalry can continue and get things to the levels of Dashon Goldson and Early Doucet. If you remember, those two never played nice. After getting thrown off the field in one game, Goldson sent Doucet back to third grade in another meeting.

But the big question what are you doing picking a fight with Hufanga of all people?