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Micah Parsons and the curious case of the supposed bully

Micah Parsons has done a lot of talking now that the game is over.

Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Following the 49ers dismantling of the Dallas Cowboys on national TV, Micah Parsons stood in front of the press and stated: “I don’t think the 49ers are at a higher level than us. We’re the same caliber playoff team. Same talent. Same standards. I just feel like need to reconsider and fix something. The score doesn’t really show what happened out there.”

Here’s the thing, Micah. The 49ers are at a higher level than Dallas. You aren’t the same caliber playoff team. You don’t have the same talent, and there is nothing to fix. The score does show what happened out there.

Following a game in which the Cowboys were thoroughly dominated, and Parsons had two pressures and was missing all game, making this statement is either downright delusional or simply false confidence.

I’ll say it is a bit of both. Dak Prescott went to the podium and called Sunday’s game “the most humbling game I’ve been a part of.” The Cowboys spent an entire offseason stewing on a second consecutive playoff exit at the hands of the 49ers and circled this game as a means to finally make this iteration of Cowboys/49ers an actual “rivalry.”

Rivalries can only exist if both teams win games.

The history between the two teams runs deep. Gary Plummer famously wore the “F Dallas” shirt when the rivalry was in full swing in the 90s. That is a part of the history.

George Kittle has a sense of history and wore the same shirt on Sunday. Amid the two teams reigniting their past with matchups in the present, doing the history of the past should be encouraged.

Not Parsons, though. Kittle posted his version of the Plummer picture to his Instagram, and Parsons responded on his podcast:

Micah, this is your wake-up call. It has always been personal. The idea that now your team is upset after three consecutive losses and a thorough beatdown is laughable. Laugh now, cry later? Will there even be a next time? Shouldn’t you have been upset going into Sunday’s game?

The Cowboys and Parsons love to tell you how tough they are. Nobody who really is tough or physical has to tell you. The 49ers never do. They show Dallas every time they face off.

Sounds to me like the bullies got bullied again. Don’t take my word for it, Deebo Samuel laid it out perfectly on the Up and Adams show:

Unfortunately, the Cowboys have more player podcasts than victories over the 49ers in the last three seasons.