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Golden Nuggets: Cowboys tears taste just as good today as they did on Sunday

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, October 11th, 2023

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Thompson: Can Brock Purdy keep it up? These throws show he’s got the talent (paywall)

“Purdy stays solid until it’s time to throw, selling all of the action to the right side. But just before his release, he opens up just enough to suggest he’s throwing left. Vander Esch reads it and hedges over to cover what might be a slant route, vacating the spot where Purdy is actually going — over the middle.

So Purdy shows off his touch. The throw, 26 yards in the air, has the perfect amount of loft and velocity. It sails over the outstretched hand of Vander Esch — who tries to leap backward when he realizes the throw is going middle — and lands in the basket of Aiyuk.....

Purdy isn’t thinking like a game manager. He isn’t operating like a player lucky to be there. He isn’t a bystander. He’s got a sweet circumstance, but this drive was an example of how he knows how to maximize it. He is apt to take advantage of what he has around him.”

49ers game review: QB Brock Purdy continues to add to his tool bag (paywall)

“Purdy has excellent mobility, but he uses his athleticism to extend plays while keeping his eyes downfield to make off-script completions. An interesting statistic: According to Pro Football Reference, Purdy is tied for 33rd among quarterbacks this season with two scrambles, defined as rushes on plays designed as passes.

That is, Purdy can move, but he’ll move beyond the line of scrimmage only as a last resort.

About some of Purdy’s other great traits: They were displayed on his second and third touchdown passes to Kittle.”

49ers mailbag: Is Christian McCaffrey a marked man? What’s the 2023 team’s personality? (paywall)

“In terms of vibe? The 2011 team was special. The 49ers had been bad for a long time. Then Jim Harbaugh arrived with energy, swagger and slogans, and the team – starting with that upset win in Philadelphia – took off. I always liken that group to The Outsiders – a bunch of fun, rowdy guys who drink milk straight from the bottle and get into fistfights in the local park.

The 2019 team had a distinct personality, too. That was a much sweeter team that was led by jokesters Staley and George Kittle and that had a quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, who just wanted to be one one of the guys. I always think of that team as the Nice Guys who Almost Finished First.

This year’s personality? It’s more professional. McCaffrey, Bosa, Fred Warnerand even Brock Purdy are all study freaks and workout mavens. They’re meticulous. They’re experts. It’s like the 49ers have a team of Jason Bournes. The movie title for this year’s 49ers: The Bosa Identity.”

George Kittle, Deebo Samuel respond to Micah Parsons comments

“42-10, I don’t think you want to see us again,” Samuel said. “It might be a little bit worse. I don’t know what we ‘trusting.’ Talking about ‘we trust,’ ‘laugh now, cry later.’ I don’t think you want to see us again.”

49ers overreactions: Is team on track for Super Bowl appearance?

“Nickel back is one of the most difficult positions to play on defense because those lining up against the slot receiver do not have the sideline for help in coverage. Also, tackling is a huge component of that job. Oliver has missed three tackles. Lenoir has not missed any.

Now, I don’t believe nickel back would be considered a strength of the team, but it’s not proving to be a weakness, either.”