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Jason Verrett joins Kerry Hyder, Jimmie Ward, and DeMeco Ryans in Houston

Verrett is the latest former Niner to make his way to Houston

San Francisco 49ers v Detroit Lions Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

The 49ers pipeline to Houston grows stronger by the day. A day after signing defensive lineman Kerry Hyder Jr. to the practice squad, the Texans have now added former Niners cornerback Jason Verrett to their practice squad:

Verrett, who missed the 2022 season with a torn Achilles, is apparently fully healthy after a year off. He’s one of the hardest working athletes that I can remember, as he’s battled multiple season-ending injuries and always seems to come back. You just hope, at this point, that his body can hold up.

If it does, Houston is getting a starting caliber type of cornerback, even if Verrett is 80 percent of the player he previously was.

Verrett gave the 49ers 13 games in 2020, where he performed like an All-Pro. But he suffered an injury in Week 1 of 2021, and hasn’t played in the NFL since. At 32, you have to wonder how much athleticism Verrett has after four separate season-ending injuries.