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Golden Nuggets: On to Cleveland

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Thursday, October 12th, 2023

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Randy Gregory discusses joining 49ers, what went wrong with Broncos

“Gregory has taken ownership for those issues, and has spoken openly about mental health struggles. He hasn’t missed a game due to suspension since being reinstated in 2020.

He said he expects the change of scenery, on a competitive team, to benefit him mentally.

“Me, mentally? [It benefits me] big time,” Gregory said. “I’ve always been a part of winning cultures all the way back to Pop Warner Football. So to not be in a winning culture is tough for me mentally, especially when I’m one of those guys you’re looking to make plays out there. Being able to step into somewhere where there is a winning culture and they’re winning right now, obviously they got a lot on the line. They’re seeing the big picture.”

When asked about his struggles with substance abuse, he pointed towards feeling mentally healthy.

“I think I have everything where it needs to be,” Gregory said. “Mentally, if I’m in order and that aspect, I’m pretty good. My family life’s pretty good right now. Kids are happy and fed. Have a newborn, so I’m a little bit worried about that. I won’t be at home with him, but I understand what’s at stake and I’m a big boy and I’ve got a job to take care of.”

Barrows: 49ers’ Randy Gregory eager to put hand in dirt: ‘I understand what’s at stake’ (paywall)

“Gregory, whose new locker is two down from Bosa’s, agreed. He was considered an outside linebacker with the Broncos and rushed from a standing position. That allowed him to better survey the offense. But he said rushing from a three-point position ought to make it easier on his knees and allow him to lower his pad level, which is something he needs to work on.

“For this type of attacking defense and what they’re asking me to do — pin my ears back and go forward — it’s easier to put your hand in the dirt,” he said.”

49ers may face Browns’ backup QB with injured Deshaun Watson day-to-day (paywall)

“The 49ers didn’t play against Rams’ Pro Bowl wide receiver Cooper Kupp in Week 2 and Giants’ Pro Bowl running back Saquon Barkley was sidelined against the 49ers in Week 3. They won’t face Vikings’ All-Pro wide receiver Justin Jefferson when they visit Minnesota on Oct. 23. The Vikings will reportedly place Jefferson on injured reserve this week due to a hamstring injury.”

After dropping Cowboys, 49ers can catch the Browns as NFL’s No. 1 defense (paywall)

“I’ve loved how he’s been. I think each game he gets stronger and better at it, and not just better at it, but just how to use our scheme with our guys. He’s mixed up a ton of stuff and thought we did a little bit more man (coverage against the Cowboys). The way the secondary was ready, that starts with him and (defensive backs coach Daniel) Bullocks because that’s the area that they focus on the most. Those guys were so aggressive in their coverages, which allows us to have a better pass rush and even to have that tight man coverage at the end where (Lenoir) had that slant and it ended up causing that pick with the tip. I was real impressed with their preparation and then how it looked on film.”

49ers’ offense has surpassed defense as the primary force in 5-0 start (paywall)

“Purdy is the biggest reason the 49ers have put up their huge numbers while committing the league’s second-fewest turnovers (two). He’s one of two quarterbacks to not throw an interception this season and his mistake-free play has included back-to-back games of near perfection.

On Sunday, his career-best passer rating (144.4) wasn’t far removed from a spotless mark (158.3). The previous Sunday, against the Cardinals, he completed 20 of 21 passes, posting the fourth-highest completion percentage (95.2) in NFL history. Before his first completion in the first quarter against the Cowboys, Purdy had completed 32 of his previous 33 passes dating to Week 3.”

Kawakami: The bountiful 49ers-Warriors fellowship — front-row seats, friendships and a fateful year at Duke (paywall)

“They’re so creative, the way they attack,” Kerr said of the 49ers. “What I’m most interested in, and I actually want to talk to Kyle more about this, is just how to make all of that simple for the players. I see McCaffrey moving all over, I see all this different motion before the snap. Everything I read is that it’s a really simple offense for the players to run. That stuff translates. I have learned over the years from other sports, and I think there’s something for us to learn in the way they’re teaching the players, keeping it simple but making it confusing for the defense. That’s not an easy thing to accomplish.”