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Jake Moody is still perfect but...

Not a single field goal in two weeks?

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Come on, San Francisco 49ers. What the hell?

You draft Jake Moody in the 3rd round and he is perfect on the season. Five games in and not a single miss. He hasn’t missed a single extra point as your offense goes nuclear scoring touchdowns, but he hasn’t kicked a single field goal in the last two games.

Into Week 4 and Week 5, he has one big fat goose egg on the stat sheet for field goals kicked. Are you even trying or are you satisfied just strutting into the endzone on 3rd and goal. Doing that doesn’t utilize this weapon of a kicker. Sure he gets to kick after said touchdowns, but it’s for one measly point. Just perfect XPs, as per usual. He was a 3rd round pick after all. He should be able to figure that out. He can make those 11 XPs he nailed in his sleep.

So what are we doing here? We’re just going to let the 49ers run touchdown after touchdown? What was the point of drafting a kicker in the 3rd round if you’re just going to use him for XPs? If it was just XP kicking, you could have brought Robbie Gould back for a decent sum to do that. Sure it would be a helluva lot more than Jake Moody’s rookie salary, but the fans, and Gould, would have liked that. This is almost criminal how underutilized he is.

Remember Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman? They needed a kicker. David Akers was the man, until he wasn’t midway through the 2012 season and they were trying out kickers in the postseason. The Harbaugh offense was predicated on field goals. Akers became the 49ers with the most points scored. This is what Moody could be. An offense screwing things up with run-run-pass calls and a kicker to save the day. Yet, you don’t even use Moody? You just decide to call good plays with Brock Purdy?

I mean why keep him on a roster and not Kory Sheets? This is just maddening. Why spend this draft capitol on a kicker if you don’t even use him. Two games and not one attempt?! The dude hit a 57-yarder his second game in the NFL. That’s stud kicking.

If he is going to take that rookie record as a kicker and run with it, there better be some changes. Rather than take 7 points on offense, put it on your defense and take 3. Moody’s career—and the fans by extension—DEMAND IT.

We’re seeing some decent kickoffs from him. At least those aren’t going out of bounds on the regular like they were earlier. Something is still missing. This offense is just too efficient for its own good.

I can’t be the only person who thinks this is ridiculous.