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49ers vs. Browns 1st quarter thread: Can the 49ers take advantage of a Deshaun Watson-less squad?

This game is no gimmie.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Browns are hit or miss for me. I remember the awesome Monday Night Football game which was also known as Nick Bosa’s arrival to the NFL party where he had Baker Mayfield play on his back.

Then there are games I wish to forget, like the game where Johnny Manziel got his own video of highlights against the 49ers. Yes, the 49ers lost to Johnny Manziel-led Cleveland Browns. If there was ever a moment to show just how rock-bottom the Jim Tomsula regime had come, this might have been it.

On paper, the 49ers should end this game before this thread is obsolete. The Browns are without Deshaun Watson and a mess offensively. Unfortunately, they have Jim Schwartz as a defensive coordinator, who has given Kyle Shanahan’s offense problems in the past. It’s also supposed to be raining as I prepare this, so that could factor into things too.

Hopefully, the 49ers can pull this one out and continue the undefeated streak before the schedule starts ramping up. First quarter, here we go!