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49ers vs. Browns 3rd quarter thread: It’s uglier than expected

The penalties and rain are making this one ugly.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Amari Cooper made Deommodore Lenoir fall on a deep pass down the left sideline. But Oren Burks showed tremendous effort in chasing Cooper down to ensure he didn’t score.

The defense made it to 3rd & 1, but the Browns ran a wrinkle off a QB sneak that caught the 49ers off-guard. It was a brilliant call that left the Niners defense out-flanked as Kareem Hunt went untouched into the end zone from 16 yards out. That made the score 10-7.

The sloppiness continued offensively, despite George Kittle drawing a defensive pass interference. The offense would move the ball, then have a penalty or a negative play. On 2nd & 13, Purdy had McCaffrey wide open on a free play, but overshot him for a would-be touchdown. After another delay of game, Purdy, who was clearly being impacted by the rain, fumbled his screen attempt.

Purdy finished the half 7-for-12 with 72 yards and a touchdown. That was the fewest yards Purdy had thrown for in a half.

Cleveland got away with one at the end of the half. Walker appeared to have fumbled the ball, but the call on the field was incomplete. Walker’s hand was going forward, and there was not enough evidence to overturn the call after review. Instead of a fumble recovery, the 49ers settled for intentional grounding.