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49ers vs. Browns 4th quarter thread: The Niners enter the fourth trailing for the first time this season

The Niners will need a comeback victory

San Francisco 49ers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Cooper made a spectacular catch out of halftime over Mooney Ward down the right sideline. Walker found Njoku for another first down, and Cleveland was in 49er territory in a blink of an eye. But on 3rd & 7, Walker was forced to run, and while he escaped a sack, gained one yard. Another Hopkins field goal tied the score at ten.

Purdy’s interception streak came to an end at248 attempts. He had been fortunate to not throw an interception up to this point, and he missed Aiyuk by about three or four yards in what led to Brock’s first interception of the season.

Cleveland started the drive on the 49ers 38-yard line, but Randy Gregory’s first sack with the organization ended a drive before it could gain any traction:

But the offense lost yardage on their next drive. They were also without McCaffrey, who was questionable to return with an oblique injury.

After Shemar Jean-Charles had a 15-yard penalty for not coming back in bounds right away, the Browns started another drive in 49er territory. Cleveland gained 18 yards and converted on a field goal to take a 13-10 lead.

Purdy, for the first time all season, faced some adversity and trailed in the second half. McCaffrey tried to give it a go, but jogged to the locker room. The 49ers faced a couple of penalties which put them behind the chains, as the Niners punted again.