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Golden Nuggets: Ugh

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Sunday, October 16th, 2023

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Kawakami: Some 49ers options heading to the trade deadline — Kendrick Bourne? Hunter Renfrow? Trent Brown? (Paywall)

“There might be somebody available who fits this unique description: New England’s Trent Brown, who actually was discarded by Shanahan and Lynch back in 2018 (after they drafted Mike McGlinchey).

I’m not saying that Brown is close to what he was in his prime with the Raiders and Patriots (a while ago). But he’s still only 30 and might actually fit into a part-time/depth role these days. And because Tampa Bay and Houston are both surprising playoff contenders so far, I don’t think either Tristan Wirfs or Laremy Tunsil, respectively, are going to come available.”

Thompson: Brock Purdy finally struggles in close loss to Browns (paywall)

“Still, what you wanted to see from Purdy was visible. Obviously, he wasn’t good. This was his worst performance as a pro. But he was game. He wasn’t broken. And when it was time to win, Purdy dug deep and found enough. Even then, he wasn’t lights out, by any means. But he did eventually get the scraper moving.

He marched the 49ers 52 yards in 91 seconds. When it had to happen, Purdy summoned the moxie necessary to overcome his waywardness and make something happen. When he walked off the field, he’d done his job. The 49ers were in a position to salvage a win....This week, he’ll learn how it feels as a pro to watch the film brutally call him out. He’ll know the sting of one of the reasons his team lost. He’ll get experience at turning the page and moving on to the next week. And we’ll see how he responds in another hostile environment against a team that could use a huge win over the NFC’s best.”

49ers’ Jake Moody misfires in the clutch; would Robbie Gould have made it? (paywall)

“Said Moody: “Everybody had my back, even though I just got here. That was pretty cool.”

It’s a touching gesture, but I’ve covered the NFL for long enough to know that it’s not one that endures indefinitely. If Moody messes up with another game on the line, some of his teammates, at least privately, will start to wonder why their toil and sweat is being potentially compromised by someone who’s not ready to deliver on a championship level.

The NFL is a performance business, and Moody won’t get that many chances to learn on the job — at least, not on this team.

Twenty-eight years ago Sunday, the defending Super Bowl-champion Niners lost an 18-17 game in Indianapolis after struggling second-year kicker Doug Brien missed a 46-yard field goal. Afterward, left tackle Harris Barton infamously told me, “You have 100 guys out there running into each other for three hours, then some guy who wears Birkenstocks runs out and tries to win it.”

Deebo Samuel gets initial news on shoulder, to undergo further testing [report]

“San Francisco will have an extra day of rest before a Monday night trip to Minnesota. That extra day can prove substantial in situations like these.”

Kyle Shanahan discusses mistake-riddled loss to Browns, Brock Purdy performance

“That said, there were countless self-inflicted wounds for San Francisco, largely in the form of sacks, penalties and missed explosive plays.”

3 takeaways after 49ers lose in nightmare slog against Browns

“It’s clear this was Brock Purdy’s worst game. He actually was not at fault, for the most part, early. There was a deep ball for what would have been a major completion that Brandon Aiyuk failed to hold onto, but as the game progressed, he looked totally out of sorts.”

49ers’ uncharacteristic penalties prove costly in loss to Browns

“My view was his intent wasn’t at all to do that,” 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said of Gipson. “It looked like the receiver was coming in there, jumping, too, and it looked like they touched helmets from where I was.

“It didn’t look that violent. I’ll see when I watch the film.”

49ers’ Christian McCaffrey has a rib issue; Jordan Mason seems ready for work (paywall)

“I thought we made way too many mistakes on offense,” said Shanahan, who looked as upset as he has all season due to officiating and offensive ineptitude. “Just losing a couple guys in the game, we had to switch a couple guys around, and we weren’t quite ready for that.”

Brock Purdy has first bad NFL game as 49ers lament falling behind the sticks (paywall)

“Sense of urgency,” Purdy said of the turnaround. “We got up to the ball, we ran some plays that we were comfortable with. Give the ball to playmakers, get the ball in their hands. B.A. did a great job of playmaking, creating separation, getting into some space. making guys miss. The tempo felt good.”