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Lions defender on Deebo Samuel: ‘You’re a running back. You can’t run routes’

The same Lions defender has bounced around teams, and Deebo responded. Welcome to social media.

Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers

No news is good news for 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel, who will be day-to-day with a shoulder injury after getting hurt on the first play of the game against the Browns.

There was a pre-game melee that Samuel was involved in, which I’m sure everybody has seen by now:

Unprompted, Detroit Lions safety Chauncey Gardner-Johnson called out Samuel:

Johnson calls Samuel a running back, twice, saying that Deebo can’t run routes. We also seemed sure that the Lions would face the 49ers at some point during the playoffs, which would make for an incredible matchup between, in my opinion, the two best teams in the conference.

Samuel seemed surprised on Twitter, wondering why he was being mentioned at all:

Here’s the full video response from Gardner-Johnson. I’ll quote the football parts:

“You was the same guy who was just requesting a trade out of San Fran, cause y’all ain’t got no quarterback, You was the same guy complaining that they could use you like a running back, cause you’re not a receiver.

I exposed you last year on that field when you didn’t have a quarterback and didn’t wanna play like that for real. Come on, Deebo. I’m 25-years-old and one of the best safeties in the league.

You tap out every game, so I ain’t worried about that. You damn sure would tap out when you see me. For somebody who can’t run routes — we got it on film, there’s evidence. For somebody who talks, and run from people, there’s evidence, it’s on film.

Don’t be friendly when you see me. You better hope all that talking you’re doing when we see you, whatever round it may be, cause I can guard you, you can’t run routes, you’re a running back.

Because you got a little bag, people gave you a little clout, you ain’t nothing. Stop playing.”

CJ Gardner-Johnson went out of his way, a couple of times, to make a video about a non-situation. Meanwhile, here’s how Samuel feels about it:

A little social media drama for your Tuesday morning that’s much ado about nothing.