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Is there a warm seat under Steve Wilks after 49ers-Browns or is it a massive overreaction?

The Heat-O-Meter returns

San Francisco 49ers v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

While we all know the 49ers offense was poor Sunday, one of the gut reactions has been some of the strange situations the defense found themselves in. Especially for the fact it was a backup quarterback who scored on the 49ers. The 49ers subpar run defense, despite missing linebacker Dre Greenlaw, doesn’t help. While it may have been the reason the 49ers were in the game in the first place, it felt to some the defense left something to be desired. Even I was a bit annoyed when the field goal that set the final moments of the game in motion was even made, ref interference and all. That’s a backup quarterback and you couldn’t get off the field?

Next day and there’s still a few a bit annoyed that a backup quarterback for the Cleveland Browns won against them.

Before I pile on, let’s remember: There was a fumble that should have been recovered (the biscuits said it wasn’t) and a hitting defenseless receiver call that should have been reviewed if the NFL did, well, reviews like logic were to dictate. Even then, the 49ers allowed a crippling field goal and couldn’t dare P.J. Walker to throw. Naturally, there’s some questions about Steve Wilks.

And we’ll get to that, but one more thing: the 49ers offense couldn’t stay on the field. The defense, on the other hand, was forcing stop after stop after stop and the offense walked out to 1st down penalties ending drives before they started. I don’t care if you’re the 1985 Chicago Bears, you’re going to get tired with that type of play eventually.

Hey I get it. There’s the consistent defensive brain fart that we have grown accustomed to week over week since the season started. Usually a drive towards the end of the second quarter where someone gets flagged for pass interference to move the ball or a simple miscommunication that leads to a big play.

If it’s once a game, fine. Wilks’ defenses have been bendy, but not breaking. That said, the 49ers defense seems like the equivalent of giving someone a game genie with unlimited lives and yet they still get stuck in certain places unable to finish the level.

Now another counterpoint and something to keep in mind for those of you who are annoyed. First, reminder the 49ers didn’t have Dre Greenlaw and that loss was felt. Second, Wilks’ defense did far FAR more than they needed to since the offense decided to take two and a half quarters off. I don’t know how much a defense needs to defend to stay on the field.

All that said, it was quite disappointing with how everything went in the final quarter, minus the penalties. Wilks defense was not done any favors by the officiating crew. Even with that, being unable to get off the field in a crucial moment is not a good sign. Especially when it’s due to a running game having their way with you all game. A running game missing their best running back. Is this an indication of things to come when the 49ers are in this position again? They aren’t going to blow every team out and will be in a close one more than once before this is over. Especially with the incoming injuries.

So it’s time to finally dig up an oldie but goodie. I haven’t busted this out since the Robert Saleh days, but it’s time to bring in The Heat-O-Meter.

The Heat-O-Meter is simple. When the 49ers lose, and we make the the gut overreaction to point the finger at the defense, we argue over if the defense really had a hand in any of this. The poll below is final.

Now look, we can all agree this is definitely an overreaction. Most of the fans are not criticizing Wilks after they’ve had time let the loss marinate. The run defense, Dre Greenlaw or not, does deserve criticism and that stops with the defensive coordinator. That said, there have been some small cracks exposed over the last few weeks. I also do find the final Browns field goal unacceptable when you saw some of those strange (to dummy me anyways) coverages the 49ers were in for that period. The 49ers just couldn’t get one. More. Stop out of the defense and that always matters.

So I’m torn. I’d say this seat has icicles, but do you think it’s starting to get warm with some of the concerns we’ve seen, especially with the run defense?


How hot is Steve Wilks’ seat after...that thing (49ers-Browns)

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    Ohhhh toasty
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    Just sat down
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  • 30%
    It’s got icicles hanging from it
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