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Golden Nuggets: On to the Vikings

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, October 18th, 2023

49ers overreactions: Does team need Gould after Moody’s crucial miss?

“There is no doubt the 49ers took their Browns preparation seriously, but it seemed as if it was not at the same level of focus and intensity as the Dallas week. And that might also have something to do with the outside noise entering the building.”

Sources: Christian McCaffrey avoids serious injury, could play on MNF

“San Francisco left tackle Trent Williams (right ankle) and wide receiver Deebo Samuel (shoulder) also have a chance to play in Monday’s game, sources said.”

Arik Armstead reacts to Kyle Shanahan’s criticism of 49ers run defense

“Kudos and hats off to them. They came out with a lot of design runs, trying to attack our scheme with whams, traps, toss plays, reverses, and did a good job of managing the game and managing the clock and time of possession.

“Obviously that was a goal of theirs with [QB] Deshaun [Watson] being out, and having P.J. Walker, not their starter, in the game. So I think they did a good job of that. They made some crucial plays.

“But when I look at the game, there was a lot of leaky yards out there. I don’t think it was just the entire game, us not being able to stop them. I think there were some crucial moments that extended drives. I think there were some leaky yards and a few run plays that led to the total being 160, which is unacceptable, and which will get cleaned up, and be better moving forward.”

Branch: 49ers game review: Shanahan should have been better prepared for injuries (paywall)

“Shanahan brought up missed assignments without prompting Sunday when asked about the impact of losing McCaffrey and Samuel. He said some backups weren’t ready to shift into different roles, but “it starts with me.”

And, of course, Shanahan is right. Shanahan is often credited for schematically putting his players in “positions to succeed.” But that includes understanding what responsibilities his players can handle in a system known for its complexity, or ensuring they are coached to capably assume myriad duties.”

The Real-Life Diet of 49ers Tight End George Kittle, Who Has a Complicated Relationship with Meat

“Stem cells. I’m not going to say that’s the number one thing, but I’m big into stem cells....I go to a place down in Panama, the Stem Cell Institute. I’ve been down there for three years now. Teammates got me on it, and I’ve gone down there with a bunch of players. I’m not going to say it can fix anything, but if I’m getting stem cells, it’s helping me somehow. There’s no way it’s not doing anything....

I’m big into pre-hab. If you follow me around for a day, I work out from 8 to 9:30, run from 10 to 11:30, and I do pre-hab for like two hours, whether that’s conditioning, blood-flow restriction, ice, sauna. I look for as many ways as I can legally make my body feel as good as it possibly can....

Our [former] owner [and current co-chairman John York] is forward-thinking on a lot of stuff. The resources we have in the stadium and the people we can talk to, they help us find things that work for us. I take a shotgun approach. Red light, ice tub, sauna, or should I do sauna, red light, hot tub? I probably try more than most people.”